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Aaron Biebert wrote this timely and very helpful piece on his blog 8pmWarrior about all the new changes on Youtube.

YouTube announced changes to channels that feature a news feed integrated with Google+, Twitter, and Facebook for videos shared on other platforms.

Here's an intro:

"I’m sharing from experience as a producer of several online shows and video productions that were created to build community and sell a product in a social savvy way".

Video changes the game.

Here’s why YouTube matters:

**YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world (think SEO)It is the largest video-based social network

**Google+ is now integrated even closer with YouTube for additional community building (more on the way)

**YouTube is simple to use and even offers a free video editing feature Video is perfect for the Attention Era

Lots of valuable "how-to" information here.

Aaron says:

"If you have any questions about the new YouTube upgrade, feel free to post the questions below, on the 8pm Warriors Facebook discussion forum, or on twitter @Biebert I'll do my best to answer or point you in the right direction".

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