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This is a very relevant piece about seizing the moment and becoming involved in the opportunity to become an "infopreneur". Selecting quality content and information is a great contribution to others who are trying to make sense of the overload. I'd like to think that those of us who are curating are helping them to see how they can integrate meaningful news, information, resources and tools into their businesses. It's not just about posting content alone, it's the "context" your personal opinion, feedback that encourages further discussion, and exploration of the bigger picture. Sometimes I say very little because I too am learning from these articles and invite your feedback and collaboration. Nobody has all the answers.

Here's an excerpt:

From | SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources

Content curation, a term that gained popularity in 2010, is the art of culling relevant, valuable and useful information from the vast ocean of data, and presenting it in a cohesive, interesting and comprehensive style that gives a 'big picture'...

No longer can anyone claim that they can peruse and make sense of all the content that exists (and is being constantly added) on even a very narrow range of subjects. 47 million websites were added in 2009 and an estimated 550 billion documents exist online today.