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Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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Rock of Ages: Evolution of SXSW

Rock of Ages: Evolution of SXSW | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
The SXSW season is upon us. For college kids, it is the season of RSVP-ing to every free event possible hoping for free beer. It is the season of lines, shows and drunken-ness.
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"Connected" A Film: Explores How Social Media via the Web Has Changed Our lives

"Connected" A Film: Explores How Social Media via the Web Has Changed Our lives | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This post was written by Susan Karlin for Fast Company

This is an excellent example of curation in the form of a brilliant film by Tiffany Shlain.

Great article about this film in Fast Company - You should not miss it, it's amazing.


Have you ever faked a restroom trip to check your email? Slept with your laptop? Or become so overwhelmed that you just unplugged from it all?

In this funny, eye-opening, and inspiring film, director Tiffany Shlain takes audiences on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride to discover what it means to be connected in the 21st century.

****Connected is a tapestry of specially filmed and archival footage, home movies, and animation that juxtaposes mankind's increased shared experience against her own place in the world.

****Jumping between overarching historical context (narrated by Peter Coyote) and autobiographical transformation (narrated by Shlain), Shlain explores how increased connectivity via the Internet and social media has both improved and impeded our lives, and the planet as a whole.

****She asks how we can use connectivity to its advantage in solving problems related to the environment, consumption, population growth, human rights, the global economy, and interpersonal relationships.

****"It feels like we're at the beginning," she says. "Collaborative tools are going to help us come together in new ways, with people participating. There's a book called The Rational Optimist, that talks about how, throughout history, most innovation has taken place in cities, where people with different perspectives live close together.

Similarly, the Internet has provided a framework for people around the world to share ideas in new ways."

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Curation Coming To Television and Film: Channelisation

Curation Coming To Television and Film: Channelisation | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

"Jon Miller of News Corp may have predicted 2012 will see the "channelisation" of the web, but he really means a renewed focus on curation..."


"Channelisation implies that media corporations such as News Corp will be the ones controlling the playlist of content, but 2012 will see the role of such organisations fall back to providing content for others to turn into a wealth of different “channels” where the barrier to entry essentially falls to zero."


Key highlights curated from the article:


Curation of niche interest: channelisation

"...opening up of video on demand services from all these channels will allow much smaller organisations to provide cross-channel curation.


If the channels who provide the content are still showing their ads before, during and after each show, then curators could start channels focusing on more specific interests and smaller niches than a broadcast channel could do – there will be channels dedicated to crime shows, medical shows, shows with appearances from certain actors, and more.


A user will just have to think of a single genre or idea that they want to watch in a show, and there will be a “channel” or that."



The curator
"More interesting than the drive to smaller and smaller niches, which could, at least in part, be algorithmically generated – will be the focus on the curator.


If a user trusts the taste of a journalist, presenter, blogger or other figure – they may be more interested to watch the content that user picks than the content programmed for any particular channel.


...These curators could add to the content by providing commentary from their own knowledge of the content – offering a place where consumers could find a new love."



Social Curation
"...Equally, groups of curators could join together to offer more regular programming than the one-off playlists of individuals, basically creating “channels” without any of the budget and monetary constraints of a real channel.


They would not have to pay for licensing as the content owners will bundle ads with the in-stream content, and so people will curate out of love and interest rather than having to focus on budgetary constraints."


Insightful. 8/10


Read the full article here: 

Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond"


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Via Robin Good
janlgordon's comment, January 12, 2012 4:38 PM
This is great news! I feel like it's Christmas all over again - think of all the possibilities, especiaily the Social Curation where groups of curators get together to offer regular programming. This is my favorite part "so people will curate out of love and interest rather than having to focus on budgetary constraints." My head is spinning, so many ideas flooding my brain, I need to curate my thoughts:-)