B2B commerce becoming more social, more connected, & more humanized | Curation, Social Business and Beyond | Scoop.it

This is a great article, it reaffirms what some of us are already experiencing and it's going to get better!


Deeper connection through social media is evolving into solid relationships resulting in collaboration, sales and much more.


Here's an excerpt:


Social Experience Becoming More Meaningful


This insight brings back into focus the topic I recently wrote about – turning b2b buying into a social experience. It is becoming more evident that not only do B2B buyers – as social buyers – desire more humanized social experiences; they are beginning to manifest it into an expectation.


This has profound implications for B2B businesses to think about remapping strategically how they align their efforts to engage with social buyers. A tough assignment when the picture is yet not as clear as desired on knowing exactly how to do this. B2B companies do know however that they must learn for the risk of being caught flat footed is too great.