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Social Media and the Value of Controlling the Conversation

Social Media and the Value of Controlling the Conversation | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
Social media marketing must be justified. Can we measure the value of social media and the conversation it promises?
janlgordon's insight:

I selected this article by Andrew Osegi for Kunocreativ because it addresses a topic that  every social media marketer should be concerned about.

He asks a very important question:

"How do we give value to the fleeting micro engagements that make up social media interaction?"

Some insights to get you thinking and leveraging your messages and conversations online.

Here are a few highlights:

As the web grows, so too will the number of users invested in social media networking. In order for anyone (brand or individual) to reap the benefits of social, businesses must establish a reputable (i.e. searchable) presence in their niche or industry. This takes A) time and B) money.

Your social strategy must reflect, and adhere to, the measurable data produced when posting. This data will direct how you conduct future social media campaigns - where ROI really matters. More on that in this article.

He refers to social capital - In an article by Rig Dragon, social capital is difficult to predict and measure, but most definitely applicable in social media. Social media, like advertising, creates unseen impressions too important to ignore. - Good insights here!



Think of your social media efforts as a transaction of energy. Reciprocal conversation, online or in person, is rewarding to all parties involved.

Selected by Jan Gordon for Curatti covering Curation, Social Business and Beyond

Be a  Curatti Insider  - lots of articles like this and lots more great posts and services coming!

Read more here:

janlgordon's comment, April 30, 2014 5:08 PM
Robin Martin, thanks for sharing, always appreciated!
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11 Guraranteed Ways to Make Your Content Click

11 Guraranteed Ways to Make Your Content Click | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This piece was written by Dawn Boshcoff, new media PR specialist, writer and trainer her company is

Curated by JanLGordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media & Beyond"

Great strategy for leveraging your created or curated content........


**On average, a visitor is most likely to just scan a website and will spend less than five seconds reading any given page, once they arrive.

If your goal is to inform and educate your visitor about your product, service or brand, you will definitely need to keep them on the page for longer than five seconds.

According to a study on reading behaviour, by Dr. Jacob Nielsen, your audience will simply not read and retain your message in such a short span of time.

We do know, however, that when people participate on your page, you are more likely to elicit a response —

**hopefully, one that matches your website’s purpose and one that is favorable to your brand.

As a content creator, I help my clients come up with

**innovative ways to develop messages that involve the reader. Each message is aligned with the client’s overall marketing goal.

**While focusing on a desired outcome, we also come up with creative ways to deliver each message.

**So think about it…what action do you want your visitor to take on your web pages?

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Your Blog is a Performance

Your Blog is a Performance | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

Good post, applies to blogging as well as curating. The important thing is to be authentic, knowledgable and passionate about the topic your talking about....

Here's what caught my attention:

Two Ways to Engage Your Audience

People connect with others who are like them. If you’re pretending to be someone you’re not, eventually people are going to see through the facade, and the connection is going to break.

On the other hand, people are engaged by the extraordinary. Run-of-the-mill may be comfortable, but it’s not engaging.

So, which way should you go?

I suggest taking a middle road. Take advantage of the fact that performances are expected to be amplified versions of reality. Be a little more colorful than you generally are in face-to-face conversation. As long as you don’t overdo it, you’ll come across as a naturally colorful person.

I believe that most people would like to be more colorful than they generally dare to be. They’re a little dull because they’re afraid to let their true selves out.

And sometimes we’re a little dull because simply because it’s a waste of energy to always act like you’re on-stage.

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Why It’s Hard to Be Interesting and Interested

Yet another excellent article by Antone Roundy, who certainly measures up as ‘interesting’.

Whereas interesting is the easier part of this equation, Roundy points out: “If you want to sustain interesting, it’s got to be based on who you are, not just what you do.”

Showing that you are interested will increase traffic as it engages your audience. And after years of being talked at, we are now in the listening economy. Nobody is too big to show that they are interested, as was evidenced by Tony Robbins in his excellent webinar last week.

In a post full of very quotable text, this piece offers the following sage advice with regard to being interested:

“Whatever you do, don’t fake it. If your eyes are glued to your own bottom line, people will see through your attempts to appear interested, and the hypocrisy will backfire”

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Content Curation: Must Resonate, Go Viral, Engage

Priyanka Dalal wrote this interesting post from socialmediatoday about building a successful social media strategy.


Here's what caught my attention:


Campaign Objectives

"Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social" Jay Baer, Convince & Convert


Set a long term objective for the campaign. Social media is about the people hence, a lot of engagement, conversations, relations and interactions would be an indivisible part of the activities. These activities however would be directed by the objective! Break the long term objective into relevant short term goals to drive the campaign ahead.


Social Media Personality

“An image is not simply a trademark, a design, a slogan or an easily remembered picture. It is a studiously crafted personality profile of an individual, institution, corporation, product or service." ~ Daniel J. Boorstin


In your social media campaign every single status update and comment will build your brand personality! Rather than letting it build itself in an ad-hoc manner, you must set a social media personality, for all your activities! It will help enhance the brand image and build a rapport with fans.


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Circles: Facebook’s reality failure is Google+’s opportunity

Circles: Facebook’s reality failure is Google+’s opportunity | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
Who knows where Google+ will take us, Scott Rosenberg has written a good piece with his observations and it's definitely worthy of your time.

I got my invite last night and will have to let you know what I think after I've participated. We all know we don't really engage with all those "friends" on FB or "followers" on twitter. Being tht it mirrors our real lives it seems to me that this will enable real engagement. It'll be interesting to see what happens but it looks very promising.
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How to send a power tweet that increases engagement by 400%

I personally recommend Twylah, where you can send a power tweet. I've been using it for the past month and it definitely delivers. Research shows people are engaging with my content and other links I've posted about the same topic for 4 minutes. That's amazing!! The founders, Eric and Kelly Kim are wonderful to work with, sign up, you'll be glad you did.

Here's an excerpt from Jeff Bullas who wrote this piece:

Why Power Tweet?

Whereas the typical attention span of a viewer who has clicked on a link in a “regular” tweet is around 10-20 seconds, viewers who click on Power Tweet links spend 3-5 minutes (on average!) engaging with your original tweet and a larger portion of your Twitter content.

According to statistics of my “Power Tweets” my engagement is 4 minutes.

More time with your content = stronger engagement = more likelihood of following you or buying from you.

How do You Power Tweet?

You sign in to Twylah and click “Send Power Tweet” at the top right corner. You put in your headline with its associated link and you tweet, and the landing page and all links are created automatically.

For greatest impact, they recommend you use this feature for tweets on topics in your key area of interest and expertise — in other words, use a power tweet for topics you want to be known for.

I have been testing it and I have noticed that it is like having “Twitter on Steroids”.

Is this something that you could use?

Go to article:

To request an invite as it is in Beta currently go to
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Content Curators as well as brands need to know How To Increase their Facebook Engagement Score

This is a great post, packed with vital information on tracking your engagement, what days are good or bad for posting, when to post, and if your followers like your content and how often they click the like button.This is great for monitoring your activity. Amy Porterfield from Conversation Age If you're not paying attention to your Facebook Page engagement activity, you're likely wasting your time on Facebook. I hate to s...

Amy Porterfield from Conversation Age
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30 Ways to Build the “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor that Grows an Audience

30 Ways to Build the “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor that Grows an Audience | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
Your content is good. You know your material. You know how to put words together in a way people want to read. You're nearly there. But the game isn't
janlgordon's insight:

I loved this article by copyblogger, it's one of those pieces that is full of great insights and strategy to help you focus on why you're online, who you're speaking to and how to create an impact and build a vital community.

Everyone of these suggestions is great, here are the ones that caught my attention:

10 Ways to Get Known Online

Great high-quality content marketing attracts attention, builds your reputation-it lets people see who you are and why you're worth listening to.

**Get a clear on who you're talking to: Identify your buyer personna and tightly position your content for that buyer.

**Be relevant: Listen, research, and ask questions to discover your audience’s pinch points. Package your ideas into thought-provoking blog posts, share solutions on a webinar, or drip ideas through an autoresponder.

**Get your social media ratio right. Remember the 95% relationship building, 5% selling formula.

**Be generous: Share content and promote other people. Don’t expect people to share your stuff if you don’t demonstrate a commitment to do the same.

**Initiate a two-way conversation: Invite your audience to engage and interact with you. Invite comments on your blog posts

10 factors that build trust with your audience

While you’re delivering your truly valuable content, you’re not selling, but you are paving the road to eventually selling a product that’s related to your content down the line.

**When it comes to selling online, authority and likeability alone are rarely enough — you need to become truly trusted.

**Give away (some of) your best stuff: The web is swamped with free content. If you want to stand out, even your free offers must be remarkable.

**Be consistently good: Train your audience to expect a certain level of quality from you and constantly deliver. When you do, they’ll come to you first rather than going elsewhere.

**Give your audience space: Use content to allow your audience to choose you — in their own time. Whether they come to you in a day, a week, or a decade, you’ll get far more respect than that sleazy salesman who just won’t go away.


**When you combine the elements of know, like, and trust to your content and actions, magic ignites.

**You become an authority on your subject, and you build a tribe of fiercely loyal followers who can ultimately become loyal customers.

Selected and Reviewed by Jan Gordon covering "Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

See full article here: []

Jeff Domansky's comment, January 17, 2013 2:48 PM
Jan, I always enjoy your curation. Keep the great material coming.
janlgordon's comment, January 19, 2013 12:36 AM
Thanks so much Jeff Domansky, I really appreciate your kind words!
Better Homes, Better Life's comment, January 26, 2013 11:19 PM
Outstanding article... blogging is harder than most people think and that is why so many quit.... My blog is finally starting to pay off after a long while.... have to keep going even when only a few are reading... thanks...
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5 Twitter Tips to Increase your Exposure and Engagement

5 Twitter Tips to Increase your Exposure and Engagement | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This excellent piece was written by Nikki Peters of MarketMeSuite for Hubspot. It was curated by JanLGordon covering her topic "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond" on Scoopit.

It is a question of just about everyone:

How do I get more exposure for my content? 

Well, here are some good tips, some of which you may know, but perhaps not all of which you are following?

Here's what caught my attention:

Schedule your tweets!  This is particulalry important if some of your audience is in another time zone and actively engaging in their business day while you sleep.

Analyze your data.  Learn from your analytics and create more tweets like the ones that are successful.

Connect your Blog to your Twitter account and participate in any ensuing conversation

Tweet questions!  This invites interaction.  "Remember that if someone asks you a question in real life, you tend to respond it automatically. Think like a human being when you tweet, and be responsive, too."

"Be Personal, React and Engage!.... The more you engage with your followers on a personal level, the more they'll understand you care about, and the more willing they'll be to connect with you and build a relationship."

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Reaching Social Media Influencers: The Rules of Engagement

The section headings in this excellent article by John McTigue of Kuno Creative are also the takeaways:

Don't Market to Influencers - Ever!

Engage Only When and Where It's Appropriate

Become an Influencer in Your Own Right

Overall, a must-read article for anyone wanting to engage with Social Media Influencers.[How%20to%20Reach%20and%20Eng]

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7 Ways to Optimize Content for Social Sharing

Lot of good tools to help you facilitate conversations with the right people through your content sharing in social media.


Social media can be a very valuable tool for promoting content. While it's a good idea to make sure you're spreading it to your direct network of fans and followers on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+, the true value that social media provides is its ability to spread content beyond your direct network of social media connections

By making it easy for others to share your content to their personal networks as well, you'll be significantly extending the reach of your content.So what can you do to help move this process along? While you can't directly influence whether someone decides to share your content, there are several things you can do to indirectly encourage and make it simple for them. Here are some great tips...

Read more:

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The Top 10 Ways to Start Living Your Life

The Top 10 Ways to Start Living Your Life | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
You might ask yourself why I posted this in Content curation, social media and beyond. My answer would simply be that I have to remember to take a breath when I'm working and this seemed an appropiate, timely piece that I should add to the mix.

I selected this and here it stays for everyone to take a breath, stop and reflect just for a moment. I don't have too much to say except that one thing stands out for me,

"We don’t measure life in hours and minutes We measure life in memories and moments".

Take a break and let Liz Strauss take you on a little journey about your life, something we can all relate to.

Here's an intro:

Everyone Gets the Same 24 Hours Life -- it's what we do between the time we get here and when we go. We only get one, and despite what other folks might suppose, it's ours to determine what to do with it.

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Celebrities and brands take control of their Twitter accounts with Twylah, first look

Great interview with Eric Kim, founder of Twylah and Robert Scobilizer from Rackspace about Twylah. This is a brilliant platform that takes your twitter stream, analyzes it and places it in top buckets and in a way that's really engaging. I am personally on it and it has definitely increased user engagement. There is no distraction, once they see this tweet, they spend more time reading my other posts on this topic. Research says they are spending at least 4 minutes on my landing page. Eric explains everything you need to know about twylah in this video.

Once you listen to this, I'm sure you'll want to sign up for the beta on twylah, you'll be glad you did!!

Here's an intro:

If you are someone like Ashton Kutcher, or a brand like CNN, why are you telling your fans to go to Twitter? Why not send them to your own properties, which ...

Go sign up for twylah here:
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Putting Lessons Learned from Content Curation to Work in the Enterprise

Putting Lessons Learned from Content Curation to Work in the Enterprise | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
While CMSWire and others have been talking about content curation for a while, it has increasingly been coming up in the context of its use as a necessary component of the future of journalism..
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