Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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Curation, Social Business and Beyond
Covering the ongoing evolution of curation & beyond; the impact & innovation
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Digital Marketing: Pandora’s Box, Panacea or Global Equalizer?

Digital Marketing: Pandora’s Box, Panacea or Global Equalizer? | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
Digital marketing can either make or break a small business. If you do it well, you’re rewarded with a reliable and growing stream of customers.
janlgordon's insight:

This is the first in a series of planning and executing successful digital marketing campaigns by Michael Nelson, for Curatti
Jan Gordon:

Digital marketing can either make or break a small business.  If you do it well, you’re rewarded with a reliable and growing stream of customers.  If you do it poorly, you can kill your brand or your business with wasted time and blown budgets.

How do you give your business the best chance to be on the successful side of the equation?

Here are a few highlights:

Marketing is about generating sales for your business.  That is and should be the purpose of marketing regardless of whether you are building your brand or specifically trying to grow your revenue.  

We have inbound marketing, attraction marketing, email marketing, influence marketing, network marketing, content marketing, outbound marketing, affiliate marketing and so on.  

How do we pick one, especially if we are small business owners and not marketing experts?

The most important word in those phrases is “marketing.”  It’s the root of what we’re trying to do.  

If you charge ahead with digital marketing without a clear goal and way to measure your progress, then it doesn’t matter which marketing method you select.  

Begin with setting the theme for your campaign.  Your theme will be high level and visionary in nature.  You then create three (no more) goals that if reached will propel you towards your goal.  

Now you plan.  How will you reach your goals, what needs to be done, what level of resource will be committed to each action and so on.  

The next article will address creating marketing messages,

Circumstance Marketing, and crafting those messages for the digital world.  So stay tuned!

Selected by Jan Gordon for Curatti covering Curation, Social Business and Beyond

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GregoryBurrus's curator insight, March 5, 2014 2:18 PM

Growing stream of customers from inbound or attraction marketing works

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Content Curation Strategies to Boost your Online Business

This  very informative article was written by Shobha-Atre for Fulltraffic blog

"Content curation can and WILL  play a vital role in advertising your business and providing greater exposure to your products in the market."

Here's what caught my attention - a few takeaways:

Content curation helps in defining a niche target audience and providing content relevant to their needs.

It is a smart and an inexpensive marketing tool that can help in achieving amazing results for your online business.

In addition, it can assist in refining your content and sharing valuable information to provide greater online visibility to your company.

Brand building can be a huge exercise and also challenging for many companies at the same time.

However, with the use of content curation tools, it has become a lot easier to achieve successful branding results.

It saves valuable time and effort of the online users in searching for enormous amount of information on the web.

Content curation is the best method of providing purposeful information that may be extremely useful to the readers in addressing different issues.

Rather than looking at a variety of sources, they can get all the valuable information under one roof that can be immense value for companies.

Besides, it helps them to discover and find all the latest information about your products and services and encourages them to make a final purchase easily.

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond"

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Robin Good's comment, December 25, 2011 3:02 AM
Please note that the author of this original post, Shobha Atre, uses images stolen from other web sites, (the one appearing here is an image I have bought and personalized myself with those titles) without providing any credit or attribution. How can this person be a reliable curator if sHe behaves in this way?
janlgordon's comment, December 25, 2011 1:55 PM
Hi robin,
Thank you for pointing this out, I had no idea she used a stolen image in this piece. Will leave this up so you see my response. Taking it down tomorrow, not tweeting it. I don't support anyone who does this.
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Still Think Digital Advertising Is A Fad? #Infographic

Still Think Digital Advertising Is A Fad?  #Infographic | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
Digital marketing isn't a fad - it's the future. And although it may be a notoriously difficult task to project the future; the most telling variable is what's happening in the present.


Look around you and you'll notice that the world is connected, communicating and constantly clicking.


There's no reason to believe that the demographic cohort that will follow Generation Y, will be any different. In fact, the next generation will be the first that cannot conceive a world that isn't defined and enabled by the Internet, mobile devices and online social networking. Still not convinced?


The following Infographic by ROI Media  - - presents an overview of the digital landscape, and the changes pointing towards the need for social media marketing in commerce.


Download / Embed Here 

Via maxOz
janlgordon's comment, May 1, 2012 4:17 PM
Thanks Michele, this is a great one!