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Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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The Key Role Of Quality Curation in the Future of Media

The Key Role Of Quality Curation in the Future of Media | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

In his recent business trip to Australia, Edelman’s Steve Rubel discussed his thoughts on the future of the media with Yvonne Adele at Social Media Club Melbourne.





Here are some highlights from this article:


*** Content surplus as a bankable trend:

In an era of self-publication (for brands as well as individuals) and increased noise we’re all faced with the problem of too much content and not enough time. For media companies, scaling this information and providing value through quality curation is a great opportunity to solve this problem for the consumer.


Steve’s top tips for being a quality curator:

- Be knowledgeable and well read on your subject matter of choice;
- Save materials for later reading – it’s all an opportunity to be well informed and provide value to others;
- Focus on depth, not breadth. As Steve said, he knows a lot about a few things, and little about most things.


***People want to connect with the human element of a brand and those that work for the organisation.


***Journalists and media are now community managers. They have to see their role not only as a reporter/journalist/presenter – but as a brand ambassador who is able to acquire consumers and an build an audience through these channels.


***Steve’s top three emerging trends for media?

1) Building business models that incorporate curation;
2) Increased data mining and analytics about real-time engagement with media content;
3) The increased importance of facebook’s open graph.


Read full article


Moreover, Steve Rubel also moderated a News Limited and Herald Sun panel on the future of journalism. 

If you have an hour to spare, I highly recommend checking out the full hour-long video discussion here:

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Five Social Media Trends for 2012

Five Social Media Trends for 2012 | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

 Stephanie Schwab wrote this article for Social Media Explorer

It's that most wonderful time of the year ... time to predict the future as we close out the year!

Stephanie Schwab has given us some great observations about the year ahead.

Here are a few things that caught my attention:

Social Media Influence

2012 is not going to be the year that a perfect tool emerges, but it will be a year for broad adoption of the ranking tools and lots of C-suite talk about “influence” in general.

Convergence of Marketing & Technology & Data

Marketers are going to take technology into their own hands and either train or hire people within their own departments who can move much more nimbly and creatively than traditional tech departments can:

Gleaning insights out of Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; they use the data generated to determine:

****what content to provide within each of their platforms, to develop better promotions and events

****to figure out which products are resonating within various consumer communities

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Covering Content Curation, Social Media & Beyond"

Read full article here: []

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Analytics for Content Marketers You Need to Know

Analytics for Content Marketers You Need to Know | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

 Gone are the days where we can just post something just because we think it's of value with no strategy behind it.  Today we have better tools to measure the effectiveness of our content, to see what works with our audience/customers and what doesnt't.


Here's an excerpt: (you might want to read this more than once, lots of good information here).


As marketers, we are becoming increasingly data-focused.


What is “Content Analytics”?


It is the process of structuring previously unstructured content, by extracting new information. If you like, it is simply ‘measuring content’.


This goes beyond transaction and conversion data, to include details of interactions with brand-authored content, as well as user-generated content and sharing of content on social networks.


But the bottom line is that each adds additional descriptors about a piece of content. The extracted information can include topics, people, places, companies and concepts in the content, sentiment towards aspects of the content, and the language of that content.


We are a far way off from perfect natural language processing, which understands content just like a human. But by starting to build metadata around content it becomes more understandable by search engines, content delivery, and analytics systems.


An understanding of content, means it can be measured, and the data-focused marketers amongst us would agree that measurement is the start of creating sustainable improvement.


Andrew Davies, (Co-Founder & Director of Idio, is a guest blogger for Econsultancy) wrote this piece.

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Social & Tech Experts Explore The Future of Facebook & It's Impact on Society

This video is part of a series called Open Foresight Project - to participate and learn more, they're on Facebook.


Leading social and tech experts present their visions for Facebook's future impact on society.  They explore the open ended question, What is the future of Facebook?

Fascinating discussion with leading social and tech experts who present their visions for Facebook's future impact on society.

Some questions raised - Who controls data and privacy issues

As our needs change, we're likely to outgrow today's technologies.

Read the comments as well - here's a quote:

"Stowe Boyd "The rise of a truly open social web is the biggest challenge to Facebook. And it will ultimately derail it and sideline it." Agree or disagree?

Lots of unanswered questions, only time will tell, definitely worth your time.

Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond"

See video here: []

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What If Google Was a Person? - Google [Video]

What If Google Was a Person? - Google [Video] | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

I found this video on State of Search - It's  the weekend, this is lighthearted, or is it? The thought of Google being a person is scary, well it might as well be:-)


"Google knows a lot about us. That can be handy but also scary. What if Google would be a person and would know all about us?" And that person would know everything about us. Do you think we would like that?

See the video here: []

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Our data, ourselves

Our data, ourselves | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
What if privacy is keeping us from reaping the real benefits of the infosphere?

An interesting look at our online presence, personal data, privacy and what is possible. It might be idealistic, but it's worth reading. Information and knowledge is king in the hands of the right people.

Enjoy and please share your thoughts or opinions with me after you read this. I'd love to hear from you.
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