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Simon Careless wrote this post, he is an editor, publisher, oversees the Game Developers Conference shows, Gamasutra and Game Developer magazine. He has a lot to say about the massive overload of content we're all experiencing. I like his observations and we'll be hearing more from him in the near future on this subject.


What really caught my attention was a comment from one of his readers, Sarah Brin:


"Curation isn’t strictly about taste-making either–a huge part of it is becoming an interlocutor, someone who facilitates a discussion around content, as opposed to presenting content with a qualitative (and subjective) evaluation. In that regard, the democratization of curatorial tools (tumblr, twitter, all the ways we share content) is really exciting! It might usher in a new era wherein culture becomes more participatory…or it might not."


What are your thoughts about this?