In this video, natural language processing expert Russell Wright from Theme Zoom explains the difference between premium curation for corporations and curation for small businesses.

There is some very good information for small businesses.

Here are a few things Russell talks about:

He suggests tools for aggregating information, (he mentions Curata a lot for corporations and he has a relationship with them and it almost seems like he's plugging them a lot, but stick with it, you might find one or two things that will help you along the way).

Here are a few things he talks about:

**how to have the right site architecture for good SEO

**adding context, how to use curation to show your expertise using the monitization model, he explains this in more detail.

**Provide a better valued insight or create a new conversation, give your opinion on the content you're curating, find a  creative way to add meaning without going overboard.

**You have to be clear about what service you're providing, reduce your topics and themes by only having 4 or 5 keywords so you are continually providing valuable information to your audience.

**Don't be too broad, match your topic with your brand message.