Are you capturing stories and turning them into content? | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

In this very thought provoking post by Shel Holtz, he asks whether you are in the mode of considering each story you hear as potential content.

The opening two paragraphs particularly caught my attention, as they show how this relates to far more than just companies and their emplyees - they relate to all of us:

"I was interviewing the CEO of a Silicon Valley company as part of an internal communications audit. “How does knowledge move most effectively through your organization?” I asked.

He pondered the question for a minute, then said, “If you really want to know, step outside and hang out with the smokers.”"

Smokers are groups of people brought together by a common pasttime.  Do you have people with whom you share a common pasttime or interest? 

**Conversations have a tendency to veer from the thread that ties people together, and

**stories and content can come from the most unexpected of places. 

Listen carefully.  You never know where the inspiration for your next great post will come from!