How Content Curators Are Connecting Online "Communities of Interest" | The Guardian | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

From the article intro: The success of social networks and the move to socialise many others aspects of the web – from content and search to deals and commerce – has captured the imagination of analysts, content creators and brands. Those best positioned to monetise these changes, however, are developing strategies that extend beyond social networks built on who-knows-who to those built on shared interests: so-called "communities of interest".


"It's no longer just social media that's social any more – all media is becoming social thanks to the maturation of creative tools and digital distribution," says Troy Young, president of SAY Media.


Technology has democratised publishing. This, in turn, has resulted in a new breed of media businesses that see themselves more as curators of content rather than owners.


New technology is creating new opportunities to socially interact and is also enabling end users to become their own content curator...

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