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This was written by Mikal Belicove for Entrepreneur Magazine

There have been so many articles written about this subject, I think we're all on overload and maybe just brush off yet another piece.

I'm going to add one of my own that I think is where you need to start so that you're clear on your business goals.

Storytelling - Brand Narrative - It all starts here

****What is your brand story? The people you want to reach have to locate and identify themselves in the story you tell - does it address the needs of the audience you're trying to reach? Does it have many points of entry for them to relate to it?

Does it clearly tell them who you are, what you stand for and how you can help them? Does it show why you're different than others in your field?

In my opinion, once you have a strong story then it is easy to the tips suggested in this piece.

Here are a few things that caught my attention:

****Be goal-oriented: You need to create a business-aligned communications strategy where everything links back to company goals.

Without such a strategy, you're shooting blanks.

****Let your strategy dictate your communications instead of knee-jerk reaction to events or "we need a blog post immediately because something truly inconsequential just happened."

****Make it evergreen: Most of your content should be perpetually relevant… I recommend a 70/30 split (70 percent evergreen, the rest relevant for at least the time being).

****Evergreen content stands the test of time, reinforcing your business-related goals.

****Analyze performance indicators: Analyze and adjust your approach to content marketing based on key performance indicators, including views, shares, response to calls-to-action, others' curation of your content and so forth

****Creating content is job one; analyzing and adjusting as you go are part of job one!

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