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Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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The Science Behind Word of Mouth and Why Things Go Viral

The Science Behind Word of Mouth and Why Things Go Viral | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

Tweet About Jonah Berger is a Marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and author of the New York Times bestseller Contagious: Why Things Catch On.

janlgordon's insight:

Jonah Berger has written a very informative piece on what triggers word of mouth and what factors have to occur to make this happen. This appeared on the wordofmouth blog.

There are many factors that make content, a campaign, a person go viral. Lately I've become very interested in influence marketing and how that plays a role in this.

Here are some highlights:

Triggers have a big impact on human behavior

Triggers shape the choices we make, the things we talk about, and the products we buy.

For example: Playing French music at the grocery store makes people more likely to buy French wine, and playing German music makes people more likely to buy German wine.

But the best part about triggers? Anyone can apply this concept. By linking your product or idea to prevalent triggers you can help your own initiatives succeed.  

Here is a post by Marty Smith. He has written many articles but 5 of those posts went viral", or about 1% of all the posts that he wrote at that time, he took a moment to see why these went viral and what they all had in common.

Here's what caught my attention:

5 Magical Curation Tools Analysis

Let’s start by looking into why “5 Magical Tools” might have received so much social support:

  • Power Twitter Accounts are Critical to Going Viral.
  • Shorter is better (more of a gut feeling than in the data, but all 5 are on the shorter side).
  • Visuals are Important.
  • Plus Twitter is more powerful than either alone.

Here is the link to an intro and the article:

I think Influence marketing plays a big role in making things go viral, here's an article from Forbes The 'Ws' Of Influence Marketing that talks about the importance of leveraging influencers in a niche that relates to your product or service. 

"If you understand why people talk and share, you can get the word out about any product or idea. From BtoC to BtoB. From recycling initiatives and logistics management software to political causes and new products"Jonah Berger

Selected by Jan Gordon for Curatti covering Curation, Social Business and Beyond

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Tim Fernback's curator insight, October 22, 2013 6:42 PM

Great insight into why things go viral.  "Why Things Catch On" is a must read for online marketers.  Not so much about social media valuations, but an interesting read none-the-less.

Edwin Tam's curator insight, October 22, 2013 9:46 PM

Triggers. Hmmm... That's like lighting the fuse yes?

internetdoctor's curator insight, March 7, 2014 9:41 AM

Something "triggers" us to make a move.  It is something in the psychology we call it a "stimulus" that elicits a "response".  What is that stimulus that triggers so many responses in people that make word of mouth really work.  Perhaps there is a science to it...but why does Rebecca Black's Friday video have millions of views, and your YouTube video that has amazing information has 10?  Clearly Rebecca has a trigger that you and I do not have...what is it?

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Here's A Content Strategy That Delivers ROI - 7 Surefire Tips

Here's A Content Strategy That Delivers ROI - 7 Surefire Tips | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This post was written by Charissa Grandin on Lingospot Blog I selected this because I thought the suggestions were very helpful whether you're creating it or curating content.

****For some reason the link at the top that leads to the article is broken at the time of writing, to read the full article, scroll to the bottom, that link works fine.

Having the right online content for your business can help you retain customers and attract new ones.


**What can you do to keep your existing customers coming back and invite additional customers to your business?

**Below are some tasks you can get started on today to improve customer retention through content.

**Needs and concerns - What are your customer's needs?

**What are they worried about?

**What do they most need?

****Create content that alleviates their most urgent concerns and offer solutions


**Make a list of keywords and phrases they may be searching for that will lead them to you

**create content around those topics

**Frequently asked questions

**Make a list of all the questions people ask and create content around them using the word solutions in your title

**Create lots of content

**Put out as much content on your site, twitter, Facebook, etc.

**The more content you have online centered around your key subject, the more likely you are to rank highly in search

**Be Active

**Engage with your audience, be active in online communities

**Include links to your content that address concerns you come across in your online interactions

**Promote your content

**Tweet it, tell everyone about it, if your content is useful, people will share it with their networks as well.

Curated by Jan Gordon covering,  "Content Marketing, Social Media and Beyond"

"Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

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