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Collector or Curator? Becoming a Social Connoisseur

Collector or Curator? Becoming a Social Connoisseur | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
It used to be that you were a wine or art collector to be considered a connoisseur. These curators of their personal taste and beauty would search for pieces that fit a collection they would be proud
janlgordon's insight:

I selected this article by Bryan Kramer because it absolutely speaks to me and many of you!

Today’s modern day curator is a curator of knowledge. We have come to rely on the best to tell us what is good and what isn’t. Their history of shares heightens their status in some cases to social connoisseur, a title not easily earned.

Bryan asks this question: Have you ever read something that made you stop and think... and you saved it? You're a collector. The question is, how do you move from collector, to connoisseur?

There are 5 great takeaways in this piece......

Here's what caught my attention:

Understand the Shelf Life - News will always serve a purpose, but today’s news only last seconds. To build a story around something that drives a different perspective is what drives new opinions, conversations and communities. What you share reflects on your beliefs, so add something that lasts longer than a retweet.

Selected by Jan Gordon for Curatti covering Curation, Social Business and Beyond

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malek's curator insight, June 16, 2014 4:09 PM

Thought provoking article.

I had to stop and read "Goosebumps" twice, the down-to-earth notion of human touch mixed with quality content, is something to ponder and keep trying.

Scooped by janlgordon!

Why Attention is the New Currency Online

Why Attention is the New Currency Online | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
Eric Tsai wrote this great article for the Business 2 Community Blog.

I posted this before but think it's so relevant and timely, especially with the advent of yet another social network, google+. Not only do we have to deal with content overload but we're faced with how to spend our time and where to put our attention now more than ever.

I'm trying to do my part by curating and selecting the best content that I can learn from and share it with you.

Everytime I read something like this, I learn something new. It's lengthy and probably should be read when you have some time to really absorb what he's saying here.

Here's an intro:

Like many digital marketers, I consume and create large amount of content daily.
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