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This wonderful piece is from Ignite who has given us some excellent tips on how to develop a voice for your brand that is clear, unique and speaks to your clients, customers or audience in a way they understand.

Whether you're new to social media or have been around for a while, this article can help you polish and  clarify who you are and why people should buy your products or services, read your blog and be part of your community.

Do a Self-Evaluation

Here are a few good starter questions:

*What are the qualities/attributes that I want to be associated with my brand?

*What are my goals for communicating with fans on social channels (forming favorable impressions, providing technical expertise, etc.)?

*What are some of the strengths of my business/why does my product appeal to consumers?

Here are some highlights:

Compile Your Brand Lexicon - Terms or Phrases that you (the brand) use to talk about yourself.

The list should include:

*Current Advertising taglines & trademarked phrases

*Terms you use as a brand to describe your product

*Words you would like the consumer to asociate with your product

 Listen to your fans & adapting your communication strategies will be key in the evolution of your brand voice over time.


A successful brand voice will be one that stays true to your core values & messaging while encoraging dialogue from your fan base

After engaging with your community, your brand voice should adapt based on feedback from them but always be a reflection of your brand identity.

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