Curation is  Way More Than Integration | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This is such a great piece, I had to share it today - yes, many people have reposted this but it is definitely worthy of your attention more than once. Lots of great insights.....


Here's what caught my attention:


In truth, curation has more to do with the multi-participant communications flowing in the stream of social media conversation. The original broadcast model of marketing communications required definition only in terms of the message. The novel interactions of the original dot com world were contextualized by knowledge of the customer.


**Now, marketing communications must be framed by the conversation, and not just by the marketer, but by all the parties to the conversation. - This requires curation.


**Someone has to be the raconteur, the one who shares anecdotes in a skillful, amusing and engaging manner. Someone has to either begin or redirect a conversation; to put it on a path. The definition of that path, what we’re going to talk about, teed up in a thoughtful, strategic way, but never in a way that is didactic.


**Shaping and guiding conversation in a very intentional but seemingly unintentional way will be one of the requisite gifts of the great brand curators.


My input:


This is an art and an ongoing process of fine tuning your brand message, having a purpose behind the pieces you choose to curate and adding your own context to facilitate conversations that build trust and so much more.......