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This piece was curated by Robin Good and it is an outstanding example of why content curators are going to be so important in the future.  With the slightest shift in emphasis, Robin has us look at a year old article and points out why it's still important today and why brands need to pay attention to curation.

**After reading this I agree with him - it's brilliant.

Robin Good: "This classic visual information manifesto, first published a year ago, is as relevant today as it was when it first came out. 


It contains so much intelligence and insight, that for me it represents one of the best self-contained content pieces explaining to traditional media marketers, what is truly changing and why brand ambassadors, social media mavens and ultimately "content curators" are going to be so incredibily important to big brands. 


BrandPilgrim never really uses the term "content curators" in her manifesto, but if you replace the term "social media maven" with "content curator" you will see by yourself how fitting it can be, in describing the emerging curation trend unrolling now."

Read full article here: http://bit.ly/w0v6NH

Via Robin Good