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Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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Still Think Digital Advertising Is A Fad? #Infographic

Still Think Digital Advertising Is A Fad?  #Infographic | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
Digital marketing isn't a fad - it's the future. And although it may be a notoriously difficult task to project the future; the most telling variable is what's happening in the present.


Look around you and you'll notice that the world is connected, communicating and constantly clicking.


There's no reason to believe that the demographic cohort that will follow Generation Y, will be any different. In fact, the next generation will be the first that cannot conceive a world that isn't defined and enabled by the Internet, mobile devices and online social networking. Still not convinced?


The following Infographic by ROI Media  - - presents an overview of the digital landscape, and the changes pointing towards the need for social media marketing in commerce.


Download / Embed Here 

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Thanks Michele, this is a great one!
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Online Ads To Become More Integrated Into Content

Online Ads To Become More Integrated Into Content | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

Mark Walsh from Mediapost, wrote this piece based on Fred Wilson's keynote address at OMMA Global on Monday.  Mr. Wilson is Co Founder of Union Square Ventures.


Traditional banner ads have long been the whipping boy of the online ad world. Ubiquitous but ignored, the display ad on the right side of the page has given way to a new generation of social-media formats blurring the distinction between advertising and content and promising higher levels of interaction.

 Gearing advertising to specific platforms to improve performance also increases reach; users migrate away from Web portals to social-networking sites, blogs and more narrowly crafted content niches online. 


It's important to embrace emerging digital formats as the Web audience continues to splinter across more specialized and socially driven forms of media. "There's no single channel any more. That's just the way the world is going ... and marketing opportunities are fragmenting equally", Wilson said.

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25% of Twitter Users Say Promoted Tweets Are Relevant [Data]

New research shows that nearly 1/4 of Twitterers have seen relevant Promoted Tweets."




Things look promising for Promoted Tweets, Twitter's advertising platform. New data from market research firm Lab42, as reported by eMarketer, shows that 24.8% of Twitter users say they have seen Promoted Tweetsfrom brands that are relevant to them.


More than 1/5 of users said they have gotten a discount or have found out about a new brand through a Promoted Tweet, and 14% of respondents said they have retweeted a Promoted Tweet.

Read more:

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The Evolution of Digital: Entering the Era of Curation

The Evolution of Digital: Entering the Era of Curation | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

Thought leaders from major brands discuss how digital technology and the use of curation is helping consumers connect with brands on many platforms. Lots on insights and good information.


What caught my attention:


"How are we consuming content? How we're being effected by what we read. The social fabric of how we consume media is changing. We get news on our smartphones, Ipads, accessing the social graph through multiple channels. We're never unplugged, we're always checking FB, Twitter, email."


Trusted souces who curate quality content consistently by adding context, will be very important as all of this evolves. Brands who educate their consumers on how to access their content in ways that fit their consumption habits and make it user friendly will thrive.

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What is the future of Newspapers?

What is the future of Newspapers? | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

 Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard discuss the future of news, great observations, thought provoking. 


They talk about the role of journalists, the delivery system other than paper, filtering, smaller niche audiences, how that will affect advertising dollars and much more. Very interesting, definitely worth your time.


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Content Curation: The Secret to Social Networking Success

Content Curation: The Secret to Social Networking Success | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
Social networks are changing the way consumers obtain information about products and services.

This article was written by Scott Abel for EContent Magazine and Curated by JanLGordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media & Beyond"

Putting out great content consistently definitely opens the door to relationships and many opportunities online as many of you already know.

Good information in this post, here are a few gems:

"Social networks are like magnets to marketing, public relations, and advertising professionals. They can't help but be pulled in by their allure."

Here are a few things to remember:

**Social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, and socially-enabled message sharing sites like Twitter, are loaded with hundreds of millions of information-seeking consumers hungry for advice, recommendations, news, reviews and more.

 **If you're hoping to attract attention to your brand, you must become a curator and publisher of content exhibits relevant to the interests of those in your target audience.

**You must become the go-to source for information on a specific domain (ebooks and apps) or for information on that topic from a specific view point (making eBooks social) in order to differentiate yourself from the competition. And, there's a lot of competition.

Aggregation, on the other hand, is the act of automatically bringing content together into a single location or information stream.

**While aggregation may seem to resemble curation, aggregation isn't concerned with organizing, sharing, or adding additional value to the content.

****Many organizations are beginning to curate content produced by others and pair it with original content they create in an effort to gain credibility as thought leaders on a particular topic and to leverage that content in search engine optimization efforts.

****The more narrow the topic, the more valuable the approach.

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Friends Become One Another's Content Curators

Friends Become One Another's Content Curators | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

Rebecca Lieb wrote this piece,  from her blog - musings on digital marketing, advertising & media. She is a group analyst at Altimeter in NY.

Thought provoking observations here, food for thought, as we all experience the twists and turns on Facebook.  How it will impact the way we consume and share content and how this will affect she says, only time will tell.


Some initial thoughts.

Discovery & Curation:

More media will be consumed on and within Facebook (inevitable, given the size of its user base). At present, Facebook is the fourth-largest referrer to content sites, according to a recent Outbrain study.

As more content purveyors offer more app-based content within Facebook itself, that balance could well shift. Publishers will have to consider enclosing their content within Facebook apps to promote discovery and sharing, or risk losing traffic and eyeballs.

New Value Exchange: The traditional media value exchange has always been that users spend a portion of the time they spend consuming content being exposed to advertising. Currently, the WaPo Facebook app displays no ads (this could well change). Instead, if a user clicks an article, they spread it. Their friends are notified that they’re reading such-and-such, encouraging more discovery and click through.

Changing Media Consumption Patterns:

With Facebook’s enormous user base, it’s going to be interesting to see how content consumption patterns shift. Apps are becoming sophisticated; they “learn” what individual users like and display content accordingly. Friends and connections become one anothers’ content curators. Will users become overwhelmed by the flow, or embrace purportedly more targeted content? Will this accelerate or put the brakes on a growing degree of social media fatigue?

Only time will tell.

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Welcome to your curated Web, courtesy of corporate America

Welcome to your curated Web, courtesy of corporate America | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

The amount of content online is growing, and with it comes the need for a new kind of information gatekeeper.


We all know there's content on the web is overwhelming and there are people who are organizing, aggregating and commenting on content to help make sense of the web. Now companies are getting in on the act.......




Companies, eager to find the most effective way to broadcast their message across the Web, have started to embrace digital curation as a means of staying relevant to consumers. In the process of creating this content, however, they are starting to blur the line between editorial and advertising — what folks in the marketing business call “advertorial” and “branded content.” A majority of the more popular branded, digital curation sites are in fashion and luxury goods, where it is possible — even desirable — to curate an aspirational lifestyle around specific products.


Here's what caught my attention:


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with corporations putting their content on the Web, but it does begin to raise questions about how these companies are starting to influence what we see, hear and read online. It’s getting harder and harder to tell "sponsored stories" from real stories and “promoted tweets” from real tweets. Sometimes browsing the Web is like watching a really clever infomercial or reading a magazine insert and not even realizing that you’re consuming little more than clever advertising.

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The evolving role of Ad Agencies -- from Creators to Curators

The evolving role of Ad Agencies -- from Creators to Curators | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

Interesting article, here's an excerpt:


"Tim Williams, founder and managing director of Ignition Consulting Group, spoke on the urgent need to re-invent the business of advertising, and on the new role that advertising agencies need to take up in order to ensure a safe future., Agency 2.5,...


"The business of advertising started as agents dealing with media on behalf of advertisers. However, now, the role of the 'agent' is losing its relevance fast as the internet allows marketers to converse directly with consumers," remarked Williams.


According to him, interestingly, advertisers now also want to talk to media companies directly once again, sidelining the role of ad agencies. Therefore, now, media companies are setting up internal creative agencies. At the same time, production companies, too, are getting into the business of creativity by setting up their own creative solutions shops.


All this, in turn, has led to ad agencies getting into the business of media, as well as production. So, in the future, there will be little or no difference between all three sets of companies and all three will directly compete against each other.


Williams further added, "There is, however, another path for advertising agencies -- the role of curator. Ad agencies, apart from developing content, will also have to take up the job of helping advertisers to select the right ideas."

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The Sneaky Psychology Of Advertising

This is a fantastic article on how marketers tap into your psychology to seduce you into paying attention to them, buying their products and services. What you'll will see will amaze you beyond the obvious pop ups and jingles.

From - I wanted to give you an excerpt but they don't let you copy their editorial. Hmmm - LOL.
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