Being First Isn't The Most Important Thing, Getting It Right Is | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This is a great piece, summed up brilliantly by the heading and the Scott Meyer Cartoon at the top of the article, attached here.  

The first takeaway is the summation paragraph at the end:

"The idea matters... but marginally. Execution is what makes the big difference all around. Along those lines, being first doesn't much matter if the execution is weak. And in technology, plenty of first executions are weak. If we limit the ability of anyone else to execute better, then we lose out on tremendous opportunities for others to execute correctly. We want products that work. We don't want broken products that were "first."

The second takeaway is that whereas this article may be targeted at business, there's something here for content curators also.  Being first to scoop it or tweet it may not be as valuable to your followers as if you take a little extra time to add context to a piece.