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Bill Barol wrote this article for Forbes.  It touches on two "interesting and complementary nuggets of Social Media Curation by Megan Garber of the Neiman Journalism Lab.

**** Reporting on a panel on social media best practices at the Journalism Interactive conference in New York, Garber quotes New York Times co-social media editor Liz Heron to the effect that her job “probably will not exist in five years.”

*** It’s not that social media will vanish, Heron says; it’s that they’ll emerge from their current primordial soup and suffuse all media, abrogating the need for specialist hand-holders.

Garber's other gem was reporting on a major shift in Tweeting strategy at the BBC.  :

*** “What we’ve done is turn off the auto-feed on @BBCNews during the UK daytime,” BBC social media editor Chris Hamilton told Garber. “That’s the first stage.”) Hamilton calls the change “tweeting with value”.

Then Garber points out:

** human-tweeted headlines are almost always more effective — more engaging, more inviting, more generally interesting

** Send out some humanity, get some back in return— we know that, anecdotally and implicitly

The article ends with an amusing yet accurate thought:

** In years to come we may find that the philosophical question posed by the Aaron Altman character in James Brooks’ great Broadcast News — Is it news if we don’t cover it? — gets displaced by a narrower one: Is it news if we don’t tweet it?