Content Curation Is Not Social Media
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Content Curation Is Not Social Media
Content Curation, Social Media and Business Influence
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Content Curation versus RSS Feed Curation

Content Curation versus RSS Feed Curation | Content Curation Is Not Social Media |

In this brain I create a clear distinction between Content Curation and RSS Feed Curation. This is a distinction that content curators need to start making, before I go nuts. (grin) 

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Curators Profiles: Karen Dietz

Curators Profiles: Karen Dietz | Content Curation Is Not Social Media | has just published another interview with one of its content  curators. This time is Karen Dietz and I must say that this is probably one of the best profiles I have read so far. 

Valuable insights and useful advice come from this woman who has chosen to curate the best and most interesting stories that business companies can use.


From the article:

"Compared to other curators though, I’ve got a pretty ‘nichey’ field.


Business storytelling or business narrative as a professional field is still pretty young.


...I think of my content curation as creating order out of chaos, as a way of organizing the best material and being a repository for us all.


Curating content is not for everyone, though.


To be a really good curator not only requires depth of knowledge in your field, it also takes well-developed synthesis and pattern recognition skills to quickly sift through the junk and find the gems.




The content curators I enjoy the most — and who I have tried to emulate — are those who have developed an editorial voice.


These are the ones who write reviews sharing with others their thoughts on the material they are curating.


When we are flooded with information these days, having a voice in the wilderness to cut through it all by sharing comments helps people make sense of it.


We identify the most valuable trees, and cut a path in the forest for people to walk through.


What I have tried to do is make very clear in my ‘welcome’ post on my page what my editorial viewpoint is. I think more curators need to write and post these up front so people understand their point of view."

Via Robin Good
Karen Dietz's comment, October 21, 2011 12:39 PM
Wow Robin! Thank you so much for bringing the interview into your newsletter and also for all the kinds words. It is much appreciated! I love your curated content and you are a curator I try to emulate. Have a great weekend.
Lorna Christensen's comment, October 22, 2011 10:08 PM
good going, Karen. Thanks.