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Here’s some more evidence that curation is crucial for researchers, whether you choose to be a curator or you choose to follow curators.
According to Minocha and Petre (2012) from The Open University, UK (1), curation is useful for researchers and for developing research skills, as it involves:
- information management;
- curating content on the research topic of interest which appears on a variety of different media;
- chances of attracting interesting people to a researcher’s website;
- development of your "infotention", mindfulness, and concentration;
- self-empowerment, helping you to be seen and trusted as a “topic expert”.


Become a content curator in three steps:
1- Do it on a specific topic so that you are seen as a trusted source or expert on that topic;
2- Share only the best stuff;
3- Do it continuously so that you are continuously providing up-to-date content.


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