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Content Curation for Online Education
Content curation as personal knowledge management - finding, gathering and organizing content with a critical perspective.
Curated by Paula Silva
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Content Curation:... by Simple Marketing Now ... | SlideShare

 As I prepare my part on the collaborative workshop for the PLE Conference 2012, “Content Curation for Personal Learning and Sharing” (, I toss this idea: why not getting started by learning with marketers?

This presentation “Content Curation: Bringing meaning to chaos” based on the Info360 2012 presentation with Pawan Deshpande, Arnold Waldstein and Christine Whittemore is an example of amount of aspects we can learn about curation for personal learning with social media marketers. 

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Content Curation Is the New Community Builder

Content Curation Is the New Community Builder | Content Curation for Online Education |

Great post written by Eric Brown for Social Media Explorer - This is what caught my attention:


Curation — the act of human editors adding their work to the machines that gather, organize and filter content.


“Curation comes up when search stops working,” says author and NYU Professor Clay Shirky. But it’s more than a human-powered filter.


“Curation comes up when people realize that it isn’t just about information seeking, it’s also about synchronizing a community.”


Part of the reason that human curation is so critical is simply the vast number of people who are now making and sharing media.


“Everyone is a media outlet”, says Shirky. “The point of everyone being a media outlet is really not at all complicated. It just means that we can all put things out in the public view.

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