Content and Curation for Nonprofits
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Content and Curation for Nonprofits
Nonprofits struggle with finding the time to create content, but the secret is repurposing, reimagining and curating
Curated by Beth Kanter
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The More You Automate, The Less You Curate: Sense-Making Requires Manual Effort

The More You Automate, The Less You Curate: Sense-Making Requires Manual Effort | Content and Curation for Nonprofits |

Via Robin Good, Beth Kanter
Beth Kanter's insight:

I've been using Harold's model "Seek, Sense, Share" to explain the process of content curation to nonprofits.   He first published it back in 2011 and I actually made my New Year's resolution for professional learning (

In 2011, I had noticed that I needed to pay more attention to training my attention and to be more intentional about how I was sharing information.   The Seek-Sense-Share framework really helped me.   When I discovered content curation, I realized that I was doing it, but from reading Robin Good's work - I wasn't doing well. 

I connected Harold's framework to content curation  -- because like everything else I learn, I am turning around and using it in training - so I thought it was perfect.

Harold has updated his model and fine-tuned it for content curation.   

Robin Good found it put into context - and related to the need for some sort of human intervention - to pick, select, and contextualize content - not just aggregate.   I always appreciate Robin's great reminders about the need to be "brains on" when comes to curation.

Curation is not clicking, not cut and paste, not mindless sharing.  You have to be disicplined about being intentional - and focus.   

Martin Gysler's comment, May 15, 2013 4:57 AM
Yes Deborah, I totally agree with you.
Robin Martin's comment, May 15, 2013 10:28 AM
Absolutely agree!
Robin Martin's comment, May 15, 2013 10:28 AM
Absolutely agree!
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Jan Gordon on How To Scoop and Pin Your Curated Collections

Jan Gordon on How To Scoop and Pin Your Curated Collections | Content and Curation for Nonprofits |

From Beth: I'm so excited about this feature and really grateful for Jan for pointing it out.  Really good for us curators.




Jan Gordon: This is a post after my own heart, brought to my attention by gdecugis, thanks Guillaume, you know I love Scoopit, glad to spread the word about this winning duo, Pinterest and Scoopit.


Feel free to visit my other topic, Pinterest Watch to learn more about this social network


Here's my commentary based on my experience of using Scoopit and Pinterest


To me, Pinterest and Scoopit go hand and hand. They are both visual and it's important to consider if you're on Scoopit already or thinking about it, expressing yourself on both platforms, (if it makes sense for your business) because it can be very powerful. 


Here are some of the reasons it can help your business:


Scoopit is a platform that showcases your expertise, share your hobbies and other interests through content in a beautiful format. It is part of your online personna and it's a vibrant community I have met some wonderful people here.


Pinterest is also a community with some of the same people from Scoopit and many others, (new people are joining everyday). Linking your posts from Scoopit to your pins on Pinterest not only drives traffic to your scoopit site and visa versa but those people can see another side of you that you can't express there.


Pinterest is like a delicious menu of visuals that captivate and attract people to you. I have put all my business boards at the top and my interest boards underneath them.


Pinterest gives people the ability to see who you are beyond your posts. If you're a brand, this is where you can create an online story of text and visuals that gives consumers points of entry through common interests. It's a brilliant way to do business.


I could go on and on but I'll let you see for yourself how I've combined Scoopit and Pinterest together which continues to produce unbelievable results, increase in traffic and brand new relationships from both sites.


Commentary by Jan  Gordon covering "Pinterest Watch"


See my pinterest site here: [] - Click on the images and they lead you right back to my Scoopit topics.


Read post here: []

Via janlgordon, Robin Good
janlgordon's comment, February 24, 2012 7:23 PM
Thanks so much Robin, I appreciate it!
Otir's comment, February 25, 2012 11:25 AM
Great insight, thank you! In the constant stream of innovations - sometimes fads too - it is comforting to find complete write-ups that give enough "meat" to what is going on online, and why some tools get traction.
Beth Kanter's comment, February 25, 2012 1:32 PM
Jan, thanks for bringing G's post to our attention. I'm excited about the combination of the two tools like you are! And thanks for including me in your collection!
Rescooped by Beth Kanter from Google+ tips and strategies!

7 Reasons to Love the New

7 Reasons to Love the New | Content and Curation for Nonprofits |
.You may have noticed (or maybe not, because they are so awesome to use) that we recently rolled out some big changes to the platform.  Firstly, don’t panic. Secondly. you\'re going to love them.

Via Janet Fouts
Beth Kanter's insight:

Just noticed the new interface and while changing a tool that you are very used to can be a little annoying,  I'm liking what I see.  I especially like the option to add your own insight vs lazy rescooping.  I also like that these insights appear as comments under the scoop, I think.   So, the design is encouraging deeper engagement .. let's see.

Guillaume Decugis's comment, December 11, 2012 12:28 PM
@Janet, Beth and mirmilla : glad you liked this! Special thanks to Beth as this feature is actually the result of a discussion thread we had on months ago about sources & ethics of curation. Don't know if you remember it Beth but we did! ;-)
Deborah Spector's comment, December 12, 2012 10:02 AM
What a difference this makes. I always read the articles before I scoop them. Now I'll be able to add my insights, which I hope will bring more meaning to my growing community. So nice to know your discussions added this feature to the platform.
Niels Schuddeboom's comment, December 13, 2012 5:27 PM
But I can't find back the original options to browse scoopits not explicitly followed, based on topics. Where's that?