Content and Curation for Nonprofits
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Content and Curation for Nonprofits
Nonprofits struggle with finding the time to create content, but the secret is repurposing, reimagining and curating
Curated by Beth Kanter
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Rescooped by Beth Kanter from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

Create Dynamic Headlines to Draw Your Readers In - Here's How

Create Dynamic Headlines to Draw Your Readers In - Here's How | Content and Curation for Nonprofits |
How do you get your headlines to inspire a click? I’ve created a cheat sheet that spells out nine effective tips based on the word H-E-A-D-L-I-N-E-S.

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Deb Nystrom, REVELN's curator insight, December 10, 2013 11:15 PM

Useful list, good reminders.  And there are headline evaluators out there using the emotion principle.  Here's one:

~  Deb

janlgordon's comment, December 11, 2013 1:00 AM
Deb Nystrom Thanks for your comment and for this link, very helpful, I really appreciate it!
harish magan's curator insight, December 23, 2013 9:24 PM

As we all know there's so much content flying by especially on Twitter, being able to grab someone's attention is key. Learning how to craft a headline that draws the reader in is a must.


There are great tips in here


Here are a few that caught my attention:


E is for empathy.


Jay Baer, author of the great marketing book “Youtility,” points out in social media today, your messages are delivered alongside those of your reader’s friends and family. To earn their attention and trust, you too have to achieve friend status. The best way to accomplish this is to show your reader you understand their problems and care.


"You’re Going to Love These Free Analytics Apps" 

S is for success

The oldest and most proven approach to headline nirvana is delivering a little bundle of success.Of course, you need insights into how your readers define success. When you have them, speak to them.


 "Nine Headline Tricks Sure to Boost Your Leads"

A is for ask

The question headline is enormously effective—provided you ask a question your target audience wants to know the answer to.


"How Do You Write More Magnetic Headlines?"

Selected by Jan Gordon for Curatti coveringCuration, Social Business and Beyond

Rescooped by Beth Kanter from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

How to Use “Curation” to Boost Content “Creation”

How to Use “Curation” to Boost Content “Creation” | Content and Curation for Nonprofits |

This piece was written by Heba Hosny, a guest blogger for Lauralee Walker


This article is full of wonderful tips for taking your curation to the next level and embellish your original content.


"Content curation rewards are not limited to branding and SEO; it can also enhance the visibility and the quality of your own content."


There are many things that caught my attention, here are just a few gems:


Curated Content Can Inspire Topics For Created Content


If you don't master this one, all the other tips won't make any sense


****Understand which topics are irresistible to your target audience


My Commentary:


I love this one!


Here's the tip


****Instead of taking the easy route of sharing the topic with your audience, write a blog post to "build on" it.


You can build on a topic in different ways:


**Beg to differ politely


**Provide additional tips and insights


**Ask clarifying question(s)


My Commentary:


This is a great way to add "context" it can start conversations, which invites others to add their comments, bring new observations and more information about a particular topic.


**A perfect segue to building relationships, community, doing business and increasing knowledge.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media & Beyond"


Read full article here: []

Via janlgordon
janlgordon's comment, November 22, 2011 3:21 PM
Hi Beth,
I agree with you, I love the feeling of community and the collective wisdom, and you know "curation resonates with me":-)
janlgordon's comment, November 22, 2011 3:22 PM
Thanks so much for rescooping and sharing on twitter:-)
Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project's comment, November 25, 2011 9:17 PM
This has me thinking critically about how we are integrating social media. Inviting interaction has been a huge challenge. We are stimulating new conversations in real world time, but that's not reflected in comments and so forth. I like using Scoop.It widgets to get the newest scoop onto the bog in a timely manner and take some time to reflect on post content.