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Beth Kanter

Selected by Max Oz.    

If you are doing content curation, you are also probably doing some content creation, building content out of aggregated pieces.    So if content curation is like collecting and organizating your legos,  there is also a part to make sense of the collection - build something out of the smaller pieces.   For example, a presentation or article or blog post.

So, you need a method or to organize a part of your collection or smaller collection to prep this content.    This is an "idea dashboard" -- Evernote is a great for this if you a rext person and using curation to write.  There are also visual ways to organized too.

The description of what's in this e-book:

Evernote brings order to that chaos. Everything you need to remember can now be stored in your Evernote account for future browsing and searching.

Mark O’Neill, editor at MakeUseOf , takes you through everything you need to know about Evernote:

  •     What are the best apps for Evernote?
  •     Is a premium account worth it?
  •     What are the best add-ons/plugins for Evernote?
  •     All the best tips and tricks.


By Mark O’Neill.

Download How-To-Use-Evernote.


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