The Facebook Problem: Why We Need To Re-Think Facebook Marketing | Business 2 Community | Consumer Engagement IMC |

... Today, Facebook offers businesses several ways to market themselves. The first option is to create a Facebook page about their business and use it to blast out brand messaging via posts to users who like their page. This is an option that many businesses have chosen and has become the talking point across all professionals.


The second option is to run paid advertising via Facebook ads. These ads can drive on-site (to generate likes for the business’ Facebook page or engagement with prior page posts) or off-site (to drive traffic to a webpage off of Facebook). Looking at it this way, the opportunities on Facebook are rather black and white, though each one offers a complex set of opportunities and strategic implications. It is one site online (with a tremendous amount of traffic) brands can use in their marketing plans.


Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. This is where the Facebook Problem comes into play. The main part of the Facebook Problem is that brands have forgotten about integrated marketing communications. Marketers are guilty here....

Via Jeff Domansky