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Instagram is the consumer engagement king, a report finds

Instagram is the consumer engagement king, a report finds | Consumer engagement |
Brands, listen up. The visuals-based platform registers engagement 18 times that of Facebook and 48 times that of Twitter, according to new research.
Chontelle Ah-Ping's insight:

We all know of how social media is increasingly more prominent in our lives. Just look at the number of times we log on to Facebook every day, follow people on twitter or post pictures to Instagram. Has anyone else ever wondered what they actually used to do on the internet before we had social media sites? Solitaire and Paint come to mind for me.


This article shows how the dominance of social media in our lives, in particular Instagram, has become a tool to engage consumers, intentionally or unintentionally. The article states that Instagram is a new stage for brands to engage with consumers. It said that Instagram registers consumer engagement 18 times that of Facebook and 48 times that of Twitter. This is most likely because of the importance of visual content as this engages consumers more than social platforms without visual content. We could say that pictures engage better than words here. As Instagram has many users, it has a large audience and with the introduction of videos, this also gives another way for brands to engage consumers. Although it does not have the same reach as Facebook, the report shows its effect, but marketers must remember that they must learn where their consumers are and then create a standing there rather than just using Instagram because it is popular.

Anna Shen's comment, August 19, 2013 8:23 AM
Hey Chonetelle, I agree that social media has become a huge part of our lives that I cant imagine life without it! I don’t use Instagram but after reading this article, it does make feel like it could be an addition to Facebook that I can enjoy.
Instagram sounds like they have many wonderful features from taking a picture then selecting a filter that will make the snapshot look professional. Also Instagram has come out with a new feature of video recording to add to their appealing features. The best part about it is being able to share it on to our Facebooks, twitter, Tumblr etc. I can see that this app will keep growing and it is because of how it engages consumers. The article talks about Chanel not having an Instagram but have many tagged photos of their products and this shows that consumer engagement through Instagram is very effective, especially in a way that it is free advertising for Chanel.
Vic Methven's comment, August 20, 2013 12:16 AM
Hey Chontelle, I agree that social media is now a dominant aspect of our lives today, especially the up and coming generation of people and the new technology of smart phones that is all around us every day. People will remember things better through vision as it will engage the consumers more than the other sites without visual content. I agree that it is a good tool to use but you have to bear in mind the type of audience you are looking to target as a marketer. A nice article to read.
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The New Rules of Customer Engagement

The New Rules of Customer Engagement | Consumer engagement |
Goodbye, customer touch-points. Hello, ongoing, meaningful contact that actually drives revenue. Here's what you need to know to be more engaging right now.

Via Ksenia Khor
Chontelle Ah-Ping's insight:

It’s interesting we know that as technology is developing, the way consumers are using technology is changing, especially in social contexts, however this article picks out that this is also useful for businesses to meaningfully engage consumers. Companies can now engage with consumers through social media in order to form meaningful, on-going relationships to create a higher level of customer loyalty than through traditional methods of marketing.


By providing a range on experiences for the consumer to engage in, the brand can form positive emotions associated with them The article notes that companies need to get involved in the conversations of about brands that are already going on and be good listeners in the digital age-social media is here again. A key job is to facilitate an active online community and dialogue around the brand to build attachment. The second point I think seems obvious but I guess something quite obvious can be overlooked. Although communication with the customer is important, there needs to be a point to it to get the results the brand wants and the customer wants also, while providing them ways to do so. The third point notes that a company has to engage their customers whenever and wherever they are. That is, we’re no longer in a time where the only places to engage consumers was physically or through television. Mobile apps and Facebook are examples. The fourth point is all about engaging in a customer relationship where the company and the customer both win. That is, the customer gives feedback and the company finds ways it can improve as well as opportunities to take. Lastly a company should remember that their efforts have to be customer driven!

Anna Shen's comment, August 21, 2013 6:56 AM
Hey Chontelle. I enjoyed reading this article as I enjoy reading about how technology has been increasing popular among people, in this case, in consumer engagement. I agree that for a business it is useful to have meaningful engagement with consumers. This allows a trust and a relationship to be built on between brand and customer.
The five points you have made are easy to understand and provides a helpful and simple guide for marketers to adopt.