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Scooped by Candace Pritchard!

Instagram is the consumer engagement king, a report finds

Instagram is the consumer engagement king, a report finds | Consumer Engagement |
Brands, listen up. The visuals-based platform registers engagement 18 times that of Facebook and 48 times that of Twitter, according to new research.
Candace Pritchard's insight:

This is the perfect article to show how the use of social media can have such a strong effect on consumer engagement. As the article says the consumer engagement for Instagram is 18 times that of Facebook and 48 times that of Twitter. Marketers need to always be up to date with the latest of consumers. Instagram itself has a huge amount of comsuner engagement but is always a brillaint app for consumer engagement of other brands e.g Brands havig there page for consumers to follow or consumers posting photos and using hashtags of the brand name e.g #Channel. It is great to use instagram and your marketing at this particualr time e.g 'Share this photo on instagram to be in to win". This gets consumers engaged as well as sharing the brand names with all of their followers.

Olivia Bromley's comment, August 20, 2013 3:03 AM
In today's society so many marketing strategies are based around social media because that is where the consumers are and what they pay attention to. The article focuses on Instagram as the social media for marketers to use. As Candace has said, it companies can use hashtags, pictures etc to promote their brand and engage with consumers on a more personal level.
Reuben Gordon Dalziel's comment, August 22, 2013 7:53 AM
This article explains the importance of new media platforms and their effects on today's society as applications like instagram, twitter and facebook intertwine media, marketing and social media. Candace points this out as marketers need to be constantly updated with new features, strategies and tactics that work and do not work. Marketers need to process these new applications and technologies to stay ahead of the competition and broaden their marketing mediums leading to greater success and brand awareness.
Jacinda Morgan's curator insight, August 22, 2013 8:00 PM

This article highlights Instagrams consumer engagement as the highest. It's engagement is 18 times that of Facebook and 48 times that of Twitter. The visual content engages consumers more. This aspect of Instagram is primarily the reason for the increased consumer engagement. An interesting comment made in this article was that social media drives leass than 0.25% e-commerce. I thought this would be much higher as using social media to create your brand image would further increase consumers desire to purchase a product. Because of this low statistic, it's suggested that using a social media platform that has the most benefit to your brand will be the most useful in extracting the most value.

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9 Trends Defining Consumer Engagement

Here’s a look at the latest key trends shaping our marketing future and defining consumer engagement in the areas of gamification, mobile, social media, email, and beyond.

Via Ksenia Khor, Tarjana Patel
Candace Pritchard's insight:

Consumer Engagement is really important within a brand as it can change the emotions, attitudes and behaviours of a consumer. The better the engagement the better the relationship between the consumer and brand This article mentions nice trends that define forms of consumer engagement. I find that the article has listed relevant trends but does not explain what they, I find that the explanations are too simple. Apart form that, I totally agree that most trends for consume engagement these days are online though social media or by using apps on smart phones. So many people these days are on smart phones so are always usoing apps. If your brand has an app then it is a great way for conusmers to always be engaged with the brand.

Manasi Ambavane's comment, August 21, 2013 5:50 AM
Harshika, yes consumer engagement is involving consumers to the brands and giving them information about the product and services and social media plays important role for customer engagement. These social media sites like Facebook, tweeter, Instagram, Pintrest most of the advertisements are on these sites, like Facebook has pages of the brands and the brand keep posting about their products and services even if their are best deals for customers or sale, they get awareness from these pages. Emailing is also important for customer engagement as company can send there newsletters to their existing and new customers to gain awareness of the brand and emailing is even cost effective. I also agree with the author should rearrange like gamification to less important than emailing.
Daryl Peterson's comment, August 21, 2013 6:41 AM
I agree with Harshika that the 9 trends in the article all play big parts in consumer engagement in the world today. Social media sites for example like facebook, twitter and instagram are increasing in popualarity as the years go by. Using these social media sites consumers can engage alot more with brands by getting information from company facebook pages, seeing promotions, offers, giveaways and prizes online which all consumers find appealing. Seeing visual material on instagram to give consumers a better idea of what products to expect which increases the appeal of the brand to consumers. These are also more cost effective and much more efficient as these sites/apps are much more user friendly which increase consumers engagement.
Reuben Gordon Dalziel's comment, August 22, 2013 8:00 AM
This article expresses the need for social and emotional engagement that a brand should hold over it's consumers. Candace writes how levels of engagement are constantly changing and marketers need to stay updated with new trends and social media applications to maintain constant communication and engagement with their consumers. For example, smart phones and tablets contain multiple apps that allow advertisements for marketers to implement new strategies and mixes to attract and engage consumers.