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...not only are there limestone caves that are a Muslim pilgrimage site, but check out all the cool geologic images on this page:!25bdfbaa-bc56-4242-a77b-5d53f55faf4b!i3NGbwQLgzCV3wKprNWciA&ipp=100&pg=1


The blogger writes about the cave:  "An iron ladder, about five meters high, led to the small entrance of the cave. An overweight person could not enter it. Noé and I followed the group and they soon were engulfed into the rock. The tradition wants it that if someone cannot pass the narrow entrance of the cave, he/she is not the child of his/her father."


The cave is purported to be connected to Adam and Eve, Hazrat Ali, and Noah's Ark (


Image credit: LaMakan