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Computer Literacy
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How People Use the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

How People Use the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC] | Computer Literacy |
Today, around the world more people have mobile phone subscriptions than have access to electricity and safe drinkable water. Today, almost a third of the world's population uses the internet (a 528.1% growth since 2000!


So what are we doing with all the time we spend online, and how do we know all that time is being spent in useful ways?

For many of us, the internet is among the first things we experience after we wake; in fact, 75% of users are online before 9 a.m. Over 75% of people in the US own a laptop, 53% a smart phone, and 31% a tablet. Email is the most common action performed by people on their laptops, while search is the top action for mobile phone and tablet users. 72% of people like to play games on their tablets while 70% use their mobile phones for social media. Where do we use these devices? 72% of people use their mobile phones while traveling, and 64% use them in restaurants and coffee shops. As for tablets, 88% of people use their devices in the living room, 79% in the bedroom.


Find more statistics and data at the infographic or article link.

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How People Use the Internet?

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4 things you need to know to help your students manage their online reputation [Infographic]

4 things you need to know to help your students manage their online reputation [Infographic] | Computer Literacy |


We often hear complaints about what students say and do online, but we often neglect to look into educators helping them manage their online reputation. This infographic is geared toward adults, but it can serve as a great starting point for conversations and activities that educators can engage in with students to help them to establish an active digital footprint that represents who they want to be perceived as online.


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Do you have the wrong impression about online learning? [Infographic]

Do you have the wrong impression about online learning? [Infographic] | Computer Literacy |

Today, no longer is having a high school diploma is enough to land a good job and support family. College is key today, but finding the funds to pay for it can be tricky. Brick and mortar institutions cost a fortune, and most have to work while going to school. But for those who can't juggle both, online learning can be a great option.


We know what that you may think this avenue is for slackers, but have a look at our infographic below, and your opinion may just change.


Via Gust MEES, Maria Palaska, Nikos Amanatidis, Elena Elliniadou
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