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Supercomputing requires math, thinking skills, algebra and computational thinking and an awareness of gateways to computing. New technologies require rethinking the use of technology Cyberlearning does that for transformational learning.
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5 Big Data Technology Predictions for 2015

5 Big Data Technology Predictions for 2015 | COMPUTATIONAL THINKING and CYBERLEARNING |
Big data technologies have evolved at a torrid pace that shows every sign of continuing in 2015. MapR CEO and co-founder John Schroeder predicts five major developments will dominate big data technology in the new year.

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3rd Annual Seymour Benzer Lecture - Aliens, computers and the bio-economy - An introduction to synthetic biology

Our capacity to partner with biology to make useful things is limited by the tools that we can use to specify, design, prototype, test, and analyze natural or engineered biological systems. However, biology has typically been engaged as a "technology of last resort" in attempts to solve problems that other more mature technologies cannot. This lecture will examine some recent progress on virus genome redesign and hidden DNA messages from outer space, building living data storage, logic, and communication systems, and how simple but old and nearly forgotten engineering ideas are helping make biology easier to engineer.

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