Composting with Worms
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Rescooped by Roy L Morris from Annie Haven | Haven Brand!

Wanda Urbanska touts sustainable, simple living -

Wanda Urbanska touts sustainable, simple living - | Composting with Worms |
Frugality is not only good for the pocketbook and the planet, it's good for the soul, too, the author says.

Via Haven Brand | Manure Tea
Roy L Morris's insight:

I would hope that a lot of people are interested in sustainable living.  We live in strange times, prices are sky high, people are starving worldwide, famine, droughts, climate change, all contribute to the misery of all.  All should be concerned.  We are all in this together.

I encourage everyone to grow some of their own food, organic, non GMO.

It just makes common sense and will help you, your family, your neighbors, the community and the world.

If you wish, you can find information on organic gardening at my blog.. ;

For that matter there is more than enough information on the web if you want to search it out.

Make it a great day and a better tomorrow.

Roy L Morris

Eric Larson's curator insight, November 28, 10:46 AM