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Google+ is making waves in social media. So what are some powerful Google Plus tools that should be added to your social media marketing toolbox to improve your effectiveness?

Google+ is the love child of search and social.

When Google realized that Facebook wasn’t an aberration, anomaly or an afterthought it made its move. It created a social network that glued all its online assets together, collected social data and added social signals to its search algorithms. That glue cost them over half a billion dollars to design and develop. Google+ emerged from the Google lab womb with serious intentions.

To stop Facebook having all the fun, fame and fortune.

It collected demographic data that would allow them to target users with search ads that were user relevant. That’s called personalization. Others call it an invasion of privacy.

It’s the synergy of social networks and search engines that makes users salivate with information that informs and inspires them.

Google+ is about data

To create a Google plus account you needed to tell them your age, location, email account and other data that revealed your likes and dislikes. We also live in a digital data age that empowers us to express, publish and share. That reveals who we are and Google can use that to increase revenue and improve user experience.

Nothing is for free.

Social networks need a supporting ecosystem

Social media has grown rapidly because the online global community has provided the audience, the tools and the ecosystem that feeds the social media beast. The beast needs daily multi-media content to discover, wrangle and curate for its attendant audience.

To make sense of the data and allow brands to manage what could be described as extreme cat herding, you need social media management platforms.

Social media management platforms

When social media emerged from the web primal mist it was raw and wild. Smart and savvy entrepreneurs saw an opportunity. Social media needed platforms for creating, managing and measuring the mayhem and buzz.

Facebook with its longer history has many supporting platforms. Google+ is just starting to partner with providers that help it grow its community to add value to its users.

Some of the third party partner platforms for Google+ include the following five social media management platform tools.

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