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Rescooped by Marc Kneepkens from Wearable Tech and the Internet of Things (Iot)!

Huge Game Changer For Wearable Technology - Indestructible Batteries

Huge Game Changer For Wearable Technology - Indestructible Batteries | Competitive Edge |

ProLogium is a Taiwanese company currently in the field of battery manufacturing that having spent the last 7 years in deep R&D mode, developing, testing have finally released a radically new battery that marries high density output with a flexible ultra thin form like nothing you have seen before.

The product in question is currently known as an FLCB, or FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) Lithium-Ceramic Battery. FLCB technology is very different from today’s Lithium Polymer batteries that we see in almost every type of device including smartphones and tablets. FLCB breaks the norm in terms of battery appearance, production technique and manufacturing technologies with ProLogium applying for several patents worldwide.

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Wearables needs solutions like this. Another great advancement.

Richard Platt's curator insight, March 28, 2015 12:13 AM

As well as being lighter and much more flexible, FLCB-based batteries are also intrinsically safer. FLCB batteries do not catch fire, start to smoke or leak under almost any circumstances including physical, thermal or electrical impact. This is really good news for wearables which by their very nature will be close to the body, opening up several new applications that include today’s wearable technology in clothes, watches, jewellery, headsets and more. The FLCB batteries can be injection inserted or moulded in manufacturing processes that can reach temperatures of up to 2600 Celsius. They also don’t suffer from ‘Salting Out’ issues that plague electrolytic solutions and they can withstand cutting, piercing and even burning.

It’s also important to note that in terms of battery life, ProLogium claim their FLCB technology also provides exceptional energy density, with anywhere up to double that of standard lithium polymer batteries today, so there is no performance hit in terms of mAh figures with FLCBs. The most exciting aspect however, is the fact that an FLCB will continue to function after physical impact or even outright mutilation.

Being based on a printed circuit board, these FLCB batteries can also carry the signal and be joined to together as integral components in the device itself. This means that essentially the battery can be integrated in to the design, becoming part of the device itself, not a single and unwanted appendage that provides power.

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Wearables At Work Will Reshape The Office

Wearables At Work Will Reshape The Office | Competitive Edge |

Salesforce, the maker of online tools for tracking customers and helping employees collaborate, is the latest company to try and capture the buzz around wearable devices, following in the Nike-clad footsteps of Samsung and Apple. Earlier this week, it introducedSalesforce Wear, a set of code libraries to help build apps that connect Salesforce's data with smartwatches, activity trackers, computerized glasses, and other sensor-laden gadgets we wear on our bodies.

The obvious thing to do with this software is build simple notification apps. Meetings get more productive if employees aren’t constantly pulling out their smartphones, and can instead stay in touch with a simple glance at the wrist. But I'm more intrigued by the notion of connecting the world of work to the world of fitness.

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Easier to look at your phone than pull out your smartphone. Very interesting article.

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