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Get ready to see the World Cup from a whole new perspective.

Cameras are everywhere, and now they're going to be in the soccer ball that will be used in the World Cup in Brazil. Created by Adidas, the Brazucam is arguably the most high-tech soccer ball ever conceived. The custom soccer ball is equipped with six high definition cameras (GoPros, if you must know), which will be used to record the game from new angles.

What kind of angles and views can we expect? How about views from the ball flying in the air before it gets kicked by another player? Or views of the ball coming right into the goal? You can see a teaser for types of awesome angles the camera-equipped ball will enable.

By our calculations, though, the footage would greatly benefit from 3D. Yeah, imagine that, footage we actually want to see in 3D.

Adidas plans to release a new video on its YouTube channel every week as the ball travels around the world and ends up at the World Cup in Brazil.

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