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Peter Thiel’s Key Advice For Entrepreneurs And Investors (In 2 Quotes) — The Ferenstein Wire — Medium

Peter Thiel's Key Advice For Entrepreneurs And Investors (In 2 Quotes) - The Ferenstein Wire - Medium

Early Facebook investor and Paypal billionaire, Peter Thiel, revealed two key pieces of advice he gives aspiring entrepreneurs and investors this week at the Atlantic Aspen Ideas Festival. They can be distilled into two simple quotes:

To investors — Buzzwords should be a red flag

“If there are too many buzzwords in a presentation, that’s always a warning sign … Big data, cloud computing, if you hear those words you need to think fraud and run away as fast as possible.”

Thiel told Atlantic Media owner David Bradley that buzzwords are a sign that the company doesn’t have a clear direction and that they’re chasing someone else’s ideas. A good business idea should be able to stand on its own without trendy buzz words. Read more: click image or title.

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Basic stuff, but it happens all the time! #Buzzwords and more... read on.

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How to Design a Billion Dollar Company

How to Design a Billion Dollar Company | Competitive Edge |
Question: What do Airbnb, Snapchat and Uber all have in common (besides multibillion-dollar valuations)?Answer: None of these startups directly create the value that end users consume. These companies facilitate the exchange of value between users.

Uber does not own or operate any of the cabs its riders use, but it has a valuation of $3.5B. Pinterest does not post any of the ‘Pins’ that refer 23% of all traffic to e-commerce sites. Vine does not create any videos, yet is the fastest growing app in the world.

This is a colossal shift from traditional business models, where a company creates a product or service and then sells it to its customers.

Some call this the sharing economy or the collaborative economy. Others refer to these businesses as marketplaces or networks. But the overarching term for all of these multisided business models is a “platform.”

Platform startups have been disrupting entire industries (like Facebook and WhatsApp with communication, Youtube with entertainment and Uber with transportation), or are innovating with the goal to disrupt and take over outdated industries (healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, finance and many more).

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Create solutions, put it all together the right way.

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Facebook has given birth to a bunch of startups who want to change how Businesses use Tech

Facebook has given birth to a bunch of startups who want to change how Businesses use Tech | Competitive Edge |

Facebook makes nearly all of its money from ads. It's also begun investing in moonshot projects from virtual reality headsets to drones and laser communication systems.

One area it doesn't talk about: the $3.5 trillion enterprise tech market. That's how much money businesses spend on tech every year to run their companies and help employees do their jobs. 

Although Facebook did recently introduce an experiemental Facebook At Work service which lets teams use Facebook to communicate and share stuff, it's not much of a focus for the company.

All of which might make it seem as if Facebook has been completely absent from that that $3.5 trillion market.

But it hasn't. 

Facebook has actually helped cook up a whole bunch of startups that want to change the way enterprises use tech.

They were inspired by how Facebook uses technology to run its massive social network, often giving away the technology it invents for free, everything from data center hardware designs to databases.

Here's a look at some of the unusual enterprise startups from Facebook.Read more: click image or title.

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Facebook funds startups through its own corporate culture. Solutions were created for them and taken to another level. Great example of corporate funding.

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