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Just when Hollywood thought it had Netflix figured out that red envelope company flipped the script creating a playbook for any business that aspires to upend an industry. It's about to do it again.

On the August evening that opens the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Kevin Spacey is giving the keynote speech, a jeremiad against his hosts delivered with all the fervor of a Tea Party populist railing against Washington.

The Oscar-winning thespian looks like a politician, his hair perfectly in place and his suit a somber charcoal. He emotes like a politician, too, as he launches into a withering takedown of the traditional way that Hollywood makes television, lambasting everything from the pilot process to TV executives ("those network people") who are always "sticking their fingers in creative decisions and having opinions about everything." And like the scheming pol he plays on House of Cards, the Netflix drama whose first season debuted in February 2013 and for which Spacey earned an Emmy nomination, Spacey offers his speech in silky soundbites uttered in his perfect, Juilliard-trained diction. It's the sweet sound of impending doom.

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