Why should startups think more about customer feedback than building new features everyday? | Startups FM | Competitive Edge | Scoop.it

Startup founders basking in the glory of their game-changing project, VC funds and the adulation of compliant employees often forget who’s the boss. It’s the customer that holds the power of life and death over every startup, and it’s usually a good idea to listen carefully to someone who’s capable of knocking your head off. Think of it as a navigational assistance system that provides direction based on where you are and where you want to be.

Feedbacks are required right from the beginning

In fact, the process of collecting feedback, analyzing it and implementing changes based on the feedback must begin when your startup is still a germ of an idea, and must be factored in at every stage thereon from pre-launch to early traction and the subsequent growth phase. The benefits of collecting feedback at each stage are different, and so are the methods used for collection and analysis of CSAT (customer satisfaction) data.

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