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Six things you can do to increase innovation and productivty even where you work.

When I was at SXSW in 2014 people from varied kinds of businesses (marketing, healthcare, education) were throwing out terms like Scrum, Design Thinking and Failing Fast more than the famous southby SWAG.

These same terms popped up again a few weeks later when I was at a meeting with Hyatt’s digital marketing team in Chicago. Hyatt’s digital team is tasked with driving cultural change throughout the corporation and explained they were accomplishing this with Design Thinking, Failing Fast and Social Is a Behavior.

These terms describe how some businesses are responding to the escalating pace of innovation in a digital marketplace. It seems that digital technologies, like mobile communications, the interactive web and big data, are underpinning organizational change in many businesses. It’s interesting that in some cases digital teams are reaching outside the walls of the marketing department to lead this change.

This makes a weird kind of sense. Digital teams are early adopters of online tools that help them collaborate and communicate in a fast paced and complex environment. They also work in a field that changes so rapidly that daily focused learning is a priority. These are skills have inadvertently equipped them to lead organizational change. Will we soon start seeing Chief Marketing Officers setting business organizational strategy? Maybe.

It follows that analyzing some of the cultural and work processes underpinning how digital teams structure themselves and their work may provide valuable insight for any organization striving to gain a competative edge by nurturing an innovative culture.

So to that end here are 6 things any organization can learn from digital teams.

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