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Julia Allison, one of the Web's biggest self-promoters, explains how to define your brand before others do it for you.

I was convinced that trying to build a personal brand, especially for the average small-business owner, is a waste of time. And I was admittedly kinda smug about it.

Then Julia Allison put me solidly in my place--in the nicest possible way, mind you.

Here's another in my series in which I pick a topic, connect with someone smarter than me, and we discuss. (There's a list of previous installments at the end of this article.)

This time, I talked to Julia Allison, Elle columnist, speaker on all things branding related, and star of the Bravo series Miss Advised. She was also profiled in Wired a few years ago for her personal branding savvy.

Jeff: If I say the average small-business owner shouldn't worry about personal branding, what would you say?

Julia: I would start by laughing.

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