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People in this depressed area of Manila are in no way depressed at all. if children in these #slums can smile... everyone else should too.
Happy Holidays!

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Keep on smiling.

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The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship

No one said building a company was easy. But it's time to be honest about how brutal it really is--and the price so many founders secretly pay.

By all counts and measures, Bradley Smith is an unequivocal business success. He's CEO of Rescue One Financial, an Irvine, California-based financial services company that had sales of nearly $32 million last year. Smith's company has grown some 1,400 percent in the last three years, landing it at No. 310 on this year's Inc. 500. So you might never guess that just five years ago, Smith was on the brink of financial ruin--and mental collapse.

Back in 2008, Smith was working long hours counseling nervous clients about getting out of debt. But his calm demeanor masked a secret: He shared their fears. Like them, Smith was sinking deeper and deeper into debt. He had driven himself far into the red starting--of all things--a debt-settlement company. "I was hearing how depressed and strung out my clients were, but in the back of my mind I was thinking to myself, I've got twice as much debt as you do," Smith recalls.

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We usually only see the success stories. No one gets there without a struggle. Entrepreneurship is definitely not the easy path. The rewards may be big, but what is the price you pay? And still... would you rather be an employee for the rest of your life?

Excellent article. Must read for any entrepreneur.

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