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Competitive Edge
Creating your Unique Value Proposition to gain your Competitive Edge.
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What would you do if you had $10 million and 10 years to live?

What would you do if you had $10 million and 10 years to live? | Competitive Edge |

If you suddenly received $10 million dollars (after-tax) and at the same time a diagnosis that you had only 10 years to live, what would you start doing? What would you stop doing?

These are two questions I love to ask groups when I’m conducting financial-planning and financial-literacy workshops for women. My objective is to help them accurately identify their deepest values and most important life goals, independent of financial constraints and the all-too-common excuse that there’s always tomorrow. I particularly like this pair of questions because they force participants to engage with the twin concepts of limited resources and limited time. This in turn forces longstanding internal conflicts (financial, emotional or otherwise) to bubble right up to the surface. Read more: click image or title.



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Dave...I downloaded your business plan template...It is great!!!...My tax consultants say your plan is amazing. Thanks Dave!!!

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What is your #bucketlist? And why aren't you living that life right now?


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The 10 Social & Tech Trends that could Shape the Next Decade

The 10 Social & Tech Trends that could Shape the Next Decade | Competitive Edge |
A decade ago the idea of driverless fully electric cars, digital currencies and deep sea mining seemed like science fiction.

It is testament to the rapid pace of social, economic and technological change that we are witnessing that these concepts no longer seem impossible with Bitcoin trading at values that are best described as outlandish and the UN giving licenses away for companies to mine the sea beds. As such, a revolution is under way, where gadgets, large and small, are changing our society. And this stuff is not make-believe any more. In less than a decade, many of these trends will be embedded in our daily lives.

These revolutionary changes equate to great opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses, and they can prosper from it if they are the first to spot and adapt to these major global societal and transformative forces, which I call “Mega Trends.” The knowledge of these Mega Trends is only a first step towards understanding your future opportunities.

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Predicting trends and acting upon that with a clear vision is makes all the difference in this competitive world. This article only gives general ideas and trends, but it's good to sit down and look at your options.

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The 10 Social & Tech Trends that could Shape the Next Decade.

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Several of these trends have implications on our energy strategies and ecological ideas. Take a look.