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Richard Branson Hints At Electric Car From Virgin - Gas 2

Richard Branson Hints At Electric Car From Virgin - Gas 2 | Competitive Edge |

How much weight can you place on a few words spoken in an unguarded moment during an informal press interview? If the speaker is billionaire Richard Branson, the answer is, “Quite a lot.”

Branson was in Miami last week to watch his Virgin Racing team compete in the 5th round of the Formula E championship. He happened to be speaking with a reporter from Bloomberg News who asked him what racing in Formula E might lead to. Branson replied with this unscripted, off hand remark (via Bloomberg):

“We have teams of people working on electric cars. So you never know. You may find Virgin competing with the Tesla in the car business as we do in the space business. We will see what happens.”

It’s true that Branson’s Virgin Galactic company is working hard on commercial space flight, as is Elon Musk’s SpaceX corporation. He’s also big into renewable energy these days. It’s not unusual for billionaires to compete fiercely with each other as a way of measuring their power, influence and manhood. Perhaps the irrepressible Branson is miffed that Musk is enjoying so much success in the car business with Tesla and just wants to divert the media attention his way a little bit.

Anything is possible, but one thing is for sure. If Richard Branson wants to jump into the car business, he has the means to do so. He is no stranger to challenges such as being the first man to travel around the world in a helium balloon. If he says “Do it!”, it will be done.

For the present season, Formula E rules do not allow any variations in motors, batteries, inverters. gearboxes or cooling systems. But starting next year, development of motors, inverters and gearboxes will be allowed and the following year, improved batteries will be permitted. So Branson and Virgin Racing will need to have some very talented engineers to remain competitive with the rest of the field. Could those same engineers be put to work on building a passenger car or two?

What do you think?

By Steve Hanley

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Mercedes just announced that it will compete with Tesla with #electriccars, now Branson. Are we getting a breakthrough?

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Serial Entrepreneurs Chart

Serial Entrepreneurs Chart | Competitive Edge |

Do most great entrepreneurs focus on one idea or pursue many? A quick look at billionaire entrepreneurs reveals that most of them are serial entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are known for being able to focus on one thing to the point of making it a reality. Entrepreneurs are also known for their ability to recognize business opportunities when they come. These two qualities can be at odds with each other: focusing on one thing while looking around for more opportunities contradicts itself.

For many new entrepreneurs there is a real dilemma here. Should you start a lot of companies, or should you focus your whole life on one, like Zuckerberg?

To read the full article, click on the infograph chart. Click on the chart again to read the article.

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Richard Branson's 5 Steps for Startup Success

Richard Branson's 5 Steps for Startup Success | Competitive Edge |
The billionaire entrepreneur’s basic rules to get a business off to a strong start.

No matter where you start, or what products and services you provide, Virgin Group founder and CEO Richard Branson has five basic rules for any successful entrepreneur:

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  1. Be financially savvy. As you raise capital, think about what you really need. While a swank office can be nice, the money could be better spent on new hires or technology.
  2. Choose a dynamic name. Convey what you're selling and help customers keep you at the top of their minds.
  3. Sell memorable merchandise. Be a source for products that are unique and that won’t be replicated elsewhere. Put your stamp on everything you do. 
  4. Make waves. Learn your industry inside-out and find ways to set yourself apart from the competition.
  5. Follow through. Keep in touch with you customers and build lasting relationships with them through attentive, personalized service.

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Good advice from a master in business.

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