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The smart marketing strategies behind Slack's extreme growth

The smart marketing strategies behind Slack's extreme growth | Competitive Edge |
Slack CMO Bill Macaitis was Slack's marketing employee number one. Here's how the startup, now valued at 2.8 billion, has skyrocketed to success.

File "less pointless emails" under "things every employee wishes for." Take that, and add "no more waiting around for a response" (and the accompanying internal debate on how long to hold off before following up) and you have a more streamlined and productive work communications system.

Meet Slack, a communications tool seeking to do just that, enabling teams to message each other in real time, among other functions. A plethora of options for customization, a sleek design plus bells and whistles like shortcut Giphy embeds have made Slack a leader in the space. The tech and investor community has caught on. In April, just about a year after launching publicly, Slack was valued at 2.8 billion.

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Another #startup success story. Here it's all about the customer experience.

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How to Leverage Infographics for B2C Marketing

How to Leverage Infographics for B2C Marketing | Competitive Edge |

The effectiveness of an infographic as a marketing material depends in large part on the presentation or layout. The visual appeal plus the way information is displayed can go a long way to securing a sale.

Infographics present statistical data in a more palatable manner. Basically, it delivers information as a story, in a way that’s easier to understand. That’s why data shown in these graphics are more easily retained by viewers than if they read it in a paragraph.

With that in mind, marketers can take advantage of this potential and present their products in such a way that it will remain in the minds of the consumers. One of the best ways to do that is to tell a tale....

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This explains very well what infographics can do, images in general, and Pinterest for ecommerce.

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, November 8, 2013 9:40 AM

Content marketing with infographics.