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Future of Fabrics Folding into Tech

Future of Fabrics Folding into Tech | Competitive Edge |

So you walk into a store and the salesperson takes a 3D scan of your body then uses it to design custom clothing that can be printed especially for you. Sounds like science fiction but this is the future of fashion and it’s unfolding before our eyes.

A new wave of textiles being developed and brought to market create a fashion realm where customization comes standard, environmental inefficiencies are nearly eradicated, and innovative fabrics are available for the masses. To make things appealing on the outside requires the right combination of math, science and technology on the inside.

The namesake of Bradley Rothenberg studio envisions a future where design studios and retail stores create fashion using only 3D printers. For many, Rothenberg is best known for his 3D fashions for the 2013 Victoria’s Secret show.

In addition to tailoring a garment to a person’s exact body type, 3D printers let designers push the materials possibilities beyond fabric.

“We can decide where we want the different textile properties: perhaps see-through in one area and stiff and structured in another,” said Rothenberg, whose studio develops textiles using mathematical algorithms and a range of 3D printing materials.

“For the last 150 years – more or less – textiles have been made in pretty much the same manner. There’s knitting and there’s weaving,” said Rothenberg.

“This industrial process [3D printing] is a new way to think about textiles and fashion,” he said. Read more by clicking on image or title above.

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Russell R. Roberts, Jr.'s curator insight, March 16, 9:40 PM

The day is coming where plug-n chargers for your digital devices will be a thing of the past. Wearable technology makes it possible to keep your mobile devices fully charged by going our for a leisurly stroll and spending some time in the sun at your local park or beach.  Some of these fashions are quite attractive and functional.  This is the fashion wave of the future.  Aloha, Russ.

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This Is What A Holographic iPhone Might Look Like

Apple has filed a patent for a holographic touch-screen display. Heres an amazing rendering of it for the iPhone.

Lasers. Infrared sensors. Parabolic mirror assemblies. These are the technologies that could allow iPhones of the future to project holograms from 3-D screens, according to a new Apple patent application.

Now, whether or not Apple will actually make such a device, no one knows. It’s perfectly common for the company to patent technologies that don't make their way into finished products.

To see the picture of view the video, click on the title.

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Cool! Imagine how that will sell!

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Local Motors just 3D-printed a car live at an auto show

Auto shows are typically a place to debut cars, not to build them — but then again, Local Motors isn't your everyday automaker.

The printing of the car takes 44 hours

The Phoenix-based company crowdsources the design of its cars (like the oddball Rally Fighter), and it's showing a refreshed version of its 3D-printed Strati model here. But here's where it gets weird: Local Motors is building the Strati right on the floor of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit with printing and routing equipment that it brought in just for the occasion. The machines, encapsulated in glass for safety's sake, don't take much more room than a very small apartment (or a very big closet, depending on how you look at it). Read more or watch video: click on title.

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Amazing technology.

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Staples Begins Offering 3D Printing Service In Stores -

Staples Begins Offering 3D Printing Service In Stores - | Competitive Edge |

We all knew it was bound to happen. Staples for the last year has been selling 3D printers within many of their stores here in the United States, but today they have begun offering 3D printing services within two of there U.S. locations; one in New York City, and the other in Los Angeles. This is not a first for Staples, who last year introduced 3D printing services at stores located in Europe.

Anyone can stroll into these two locations and print out an almost infinite number of items, of course for a fee. Staples hasn’t announced the exact pricing model they will be using, but the the pricing will range from a few bucks to potentially thousands of dollars for larger, more complicated items. Most of the items will be printed in the stores, however some of the bigger items will be done in partnership with 3D Systems, who will ship the printed products once complete. The decision to go with just two store locations, in two very high trafficked areas is part of a pilot program, that if it takes off, could expand to numerous other stores around the nation.

To read the full article and see where this is available now, click on the title or image.

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Cool, finally ready to duplicate myself...!

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