Microsoft Azure Media Services – How to encode in the Azure Cloud – Part 2 | compaTIC |

After the first post which give an overview and explain how set-up a WAMS environment, I continue the discovery of WAMS World (sorry for the pun ). In this post, we will see how we can transform a video from a input format to another format. It’s possible to generate multiple output format or to encrypt the video. But we will see it in a next posts.

First of all, we need to understand the different terms we will use in WAMS. In my example, I want to obtain this workflow :
1. create an asset : an asset is an entity which contains all informations on the video (metadata, …)
2. upload a file in blob storage and associate to the asset
3. apply a job on the asset. A job is composed by one or more tasks. A task is an action : eg: encoding with protection. To run the task, we use a MediaProcessor.
4. after the job completed, deliver the video via the Azure CDN.

Via Nicolas Weil