Cisco's 'Videoscape Distribution Suite' Revolutionizes Video Content Delivery to Multiple Screens [PR] | compaTIC |

Cisco revealed today its expanded and enhanced content delivery network portfolio, branded as the Cisco Videoscape Distribution Suite (VDS). Cisco VDS is an open platform that delivers video content across multiple screens, multiple protocols, multiple applications and multiple networks. VDS serves as the network distribution engine behind the Videoscape architecture. It is a complete, interoperable and holistic solution that bridges cloud and network functionality.


Highlights: -- With the introduction of VDS, Cisco is the only company in the industry providing a complete product suite with all the capabilities needed for third-generation content delivery.


In addition, Cisco has integrated significant enhancements to the current Videoscape Distribution Suite Portfolio:

-- Cisco VDS hardware

-- Cisco VDS Service Manager (VDS-SM)

-- Cisco VDS Television (VDS-TV)

-- Cisco VDS Internet Streamer (VDS-IS)

Via Nicolas Weil