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by CORINNEW on APRIL 16, 2012


I know a lot of people view curation as a buzz word devoid of meaning, but I like the metaphor!


To talk content curation, we really need to think through the duties of a museum curator for a second. A curator scours the art world, selects the finest works, gathers them together around a unified theme, provides a frame to understand the artists’ messages and then hosts a conversation around the collection.


That’s not unlike the 21st century teacher who must comb through an overabundance of information to discover the significant and relevant, bundle those ideas into course modules, contextualize them for the class and then create an environment for students to explore those ideas and enter into a conversation about them. Over the last couple of years, I’ve come to think of my role as a teacher as that of a curator of ideas (also see my SXSWedu presentation on the topic). I’ve also come to believe that the steps involved in the curation process are key new media literacies which we should teach our students.


That’s why this spring, I introduced a brand-new curation assignment (described on the back of the syllabus) in my social media class.




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