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Isabel Wilkerson with NBA star Bill Russell | Leaving the Jim Crow South

Isabel Wilkerson with NBA star Bill Russell | Leaving the Jim Crow South | Community Village Daily |

America needs to hear these stories.


Check the part with Bill Russell about half way through.


It's about segregation vs integration and migration vs immigration;  about moving out of the Jim Crow South; and about the move from no education to Harvard education. 

Bill Chen's comment, December 28, 2012 8:34 PM
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I Shall Not Be Conformed -Starlette McNeill

I Shall Not Be Conformed -Starlette McNeill | Community Village Daily |

"It’s not about race; that’s the scapegoat. This is about how we treat one another and there’s no one to blame but us.


We draw the lines and then cross them.


We provide the rations of privilege and train our children for combat.


We strategize and plan and attack each other. Crying, “peace, peace” when that’s not what we really want.


We want war because we want sides– our side of the story to be prominent, our piece of the pie to be largest."


-Starlette McNeill

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Grijalva speaks against Hicks resolution banning MAS with Standing Ovation

TUSD board member Adelita Grijalva speaks against the Hicks' resolution to ban Mexican American Studies... all other classes were kept; African American history, European history, etc... only MAS was banned.
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